Farmyard - Looking For A Place - 1970/1971 - Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Prog Rock - 2xLP - vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Little Wing Of Refugees - LW 4016/17 - 1991



A1 Those Days Are Gone
A2 Through My Window
A3 Which Way Confusion (Part 1)
A4 Which Way Confusion (Part 2)
B1 Learnin 'bout Livin
B2 Tha Woirks
B3 I Sit Alone

Back To Fronting

C1 All In Your Head
C2 Me The Dog Ma And Dear Old Dad
C3 Nothing Happening Here
C4 Too Much Wrong
D1 Feeling Pretty Good
D2 Fantasia. New Road
D3 Looking For A Place

The sound of the "suburbs" of rock has always fascinated me and I will never be grateful enough to the label Little Wing Of Refugees for its reprints, always accompanied by new covers of excellent workmanship. In this case he combined the 2 albums, very rare and, I think, very expensive, this wonderful band from New Zealand, the homonym of 1970 and Back To Fronting of the following year in a double LP that takes the title from the magnificent track of 8' that closed the second album.

I hope that no record producer will see this post ... I would never want him to remember to reprint these 2 masterpieces in a CD that, like all those released after 1996, with very few exceptions, would pump the sounds to the maximum and hide certain sounds unique vinyl!

Here you can find some news:

for those who already had my old rip of 2015, this sounds considerably better

fresh as a rose, recommended to all indistinctly

rawkin' dog

I hope that an old Polish friend, with whom we have not heard for a long time, see this post and do one of his perfect reviews


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!DgJgCbJC!mUVA1YlQaoEgPS8kRTJtf0XmCoikg7Y1QHZsgoWBBUo

    1. Vielen Dank ugo ... mille grazie

  2. new rip - new link!q94FGSCR!IAjGLRvB8fIhbDcsNiXM4VlAH2v18iDSEd2lI-ORwk0

    1. I bought this back when it was first released ... and just loved it! I would have been 14 or 15 years old (can't remember exactly).

      It came in a slip only, in a plastic bag and included a poster.

      Here's a true story ... I'm a New Zealander and lived in Wellington. After I bought the album, and falling in love with it, with enthusiasm I took it around to a friend's house to play (actually they were two brothers close in age). Anyway both of them really didn't like the album and the next time I saw them they took great joy in pointing out to me their next door neighbor was the producer for the album - Peter Dawkins. According to my friends Peter told them this album was the most boring album he had ever worked on!

      Of course I totally disagree :-)

      Peter Dawkins


    2. thanks Pedro, I also like it very much and the sound of your land has something special!


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