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Manal - El León (1971 argentinian, splendid acid/blues-rock - digipack mono) Flac

El León is a gritty, muscular, acid-soaked blues-rocker from the edge of the world. Manal was among the first wave of heavy rock bands from South America, alongside AlmendraPappo's Blues, and los Gatos. The original power trio from Argentina has been credited with bringing the blues and the Spanish language together for the first time. 

The energy on El León, their second album, from 1971, is immense with drummer/vocalist Javier Martinez growling his way through the lyrics, even on mid-tempo numbers like "Paula (Quiero Ver Dónde Estás)," a song with the same loping menace as the Troggs' "I Want You" or even Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused." 

The record begins with the speed-driven "No Hay Tiempo de Más," and though the tempos may change from song to song, the playing by Martinez, bassist/vocalist Alejandro Medina, and guitarist Claudio Gabis is uniformly hard. It isn't without subtly, though, as the acoustic guitar- and hand d…

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