Various Artists - Angel Dust Psychedelia (1968-1972 us, astonishing garage/hard/psychedelic rock) vinyl rip, Flac 24-bit

Non-hippie devastating guitar-psych and PCP induced hard-rock! 

ANGEL DUST PSYCHEDELIA is a “100% killers, no fillers” compilation featuring obscure and unknown 45s / unreleased acetates from the US, most of them released on private labels. 

Many local underground bands of the late 1960s-early 1970s lacked the money and/or material needed to make a full-length album, and would put out a self-released 45 instead. Record collectors and writers have been slow to understand this treasure of vintage private press singles, with music that is every bit as good as hallowed underground LPs like Mystic Siva or Boa. 

14 tracks including the monster acid-punker “Time gone to waste” by Local Traffic, post-Stereo Shoestring band Red House with an unreleased track, the mega rare acetate by Matchbox from Houston, tremendous acid-psych by Dick St John and Ragweed Patch, raw hard-rock by Masque and Zoo and more. 

The perfect companion to those legendary 80s psych comps like Brain Shadows, Acid Dreams, Endless Journey…

Remastered sound for a stunning in-your-face heavy guitar experience. Limited to 500 copies.
    A1. MASALLA - Burning Feeling 
       A2. MATCHBOX - Metaphysical Composition
        A3. OBO REED - Here By Me
          A4. DICK ST JOHN - Lady Of Burning Green Jade
            A5. LOCAL TRAFFIC - Time Gone To Waste
              A6. RED HOUSE - Mary- Ann 
                A7. MASQUE - Wake Up In The Morning
                  B1. ZOO - 4- 44
                    B2. RAGWEED PATCH - Burn The Midnight Oil
                      B3. LIFE - This Time
                        B4. FIRST STATE BANK - Mr Sun 
                          B5. MASQUE - Lady Of The Land
                            B6. PUNCH - Death Head 
                              B7. FLINTLOCK - Hope You're Feeling Better


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    1. Vinyl rip: Flac 24-bit / 96kHz

  2. Thank you Nelwizard, this compilation including one of my favourite heavy psych band, Punch.

  3. Thanks. This one is a gem for sure. Solidboy is right, that Punch is killer. Did they put out any albums?

  4. Great Blog,congrats !!

    Eucafi - Louveira

  5. Hey, does anyone know if these are all USA bands? Or some from other places?


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