Miguel Abuelo & Nada - Nada (1973 argentinian, excellent hard/psychedelic & folk rock) Flac

Miguel Abuelo (whose real name is Miguel Angel Peralta) was born in 1946 in Argentina. At age 20 he met the poet Pipo Lernoud and inspired his poetry creates his first rock band called Los Beatniks, with which publishes several singles.

The political circumstances in Argentina beginning 70s Migel Abuelo lead to the fact that he was forced to leave their homeland and move to France. There he meets a patron who offers to finance musical activity Migelya: buy tools, rental of premises for rehearsals, the musicians are gradually. 

The first rock band in France Migelya called Hijos De Nada (Children of the Void). Ingredients were recruited from the same immigrants from Argentina and Uruguay, and in 1974 the group made the first record.

As part of the Miguel Ángel Peralta (Miguel Abuelo) - vocals and rhythm guitar; Daniel Sbarra - guitar solo; Pinfo Garrigo - bass guitar; Carlos Beyris - cello; Juan Dalera -Play on Kuehne (Indian flute this); Diego Rodríguez - drums. In addition to these musicians participated in the recording of invitees: percussionist Luis Montero; Gustavo Kerestesachi played mini Muge; Teca y Verónica - create choral and Edgardo Cantor - electronic effects. 

The CD was issued in 1975 (according to other sources in 1978), with the other name Miguel Abuelo & Nada, which translates looked very symbolic (Miguel Abuelo and void), because the group has ceased to exist. Poetic images of the tracks are very interesting, here are some translations of song titles: "Throwing stones into the river," "is too long a day for what would live", "Master Butcher" and others. In the fourth composition fragments of poems Persian poet of the XIII century - Rumi. The final composition with choral effects very clearly felt the impact of Uriah Heep. In the 80s Miguel resumed musical project with this name, but with other musicians, wandering through Europe and moved permanently to Spain.

Unfortunately, even while he was terminally ill. March 26, 1988, he died in hospital from AIDS.
The only full-fledged album, the remainder of its activities, perceived at one go, and is considered one of the best in the Argentine rock music.


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  2. Dear Friend!

    Once again.... thank you very much for this excellent good stuff !!!


  3. Oh yeah some time ago I got it from my friend (thx Bobo59) I have to say how frustrating it for me was,to have copy-rip tired vinyl (reissue)and having to wait until edition on CD.

    One of the best Argentinian rock albums ever recorded and probably also one of the best out of South America, has never been released in Argentina. While the master tapes were found in a house in Paris with his owner, years pass and lovers of the poet still can have an original of this record. Miguel Abuelo,a true legend of Argentinian rock music, recruited some Argentinian musicians who were living in Paris at the time and recorded this wonderful album, was a masterpiece of symphonic rock that was characterized by dimensional changes, sudden cuts and endless psychedelic spices. They are prevailing dirty guitars, string arrangements, ambient sounds and vocal freshness of Miguel , who was holding a wonderful poetry fraught with real images.
    Now on CD with 6 BONUS TRACKS, the monster RARITY from Argentina real complex,heavy progressive with phased vocals, effects, outbursts of fuzz, mouth harp, flute, power bass, thunder organs. Musically album shows an interesting blend between a rough Progressive reminding of MUSEO ROSENBACH and Seventies heavy rock sequences that evoke LED ZEPPELIN. The Spanish vocals and the cello give an intriguing touch. Very good musical range of voice, from hard rock until a more tempered style with a more experimental Miguel Abuelo kind of voice vibrato.
    As always, thank you to my friend, for sharing these rarities.

    Nel,keep it up!
    best regards,

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    2. Witaj Bogdan... zaznaczyłem na wstępie komentarza,że mam to już od dłuszego czasu własnie dzięki Tobie! ''Oh yeah some time ago I got it from my friend (thx Bobo59)'' a tak na marginesie wielka szkoda że PHROCK Blog Private nieprzetrwał ... :(


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