Mud - Mud On Mudd (1970, US, organ/guitar souly psychrock, UNI vinyl rip, single wav + cue, DR13, artwork)

I’m not sure why this one’s so hard to locate, though the butt ugly group cover photo might have something to do with it … hard to imagine waves of testosterone fueled young men fighting each other to grab this one. Much easier picturing piles of this one being returned by vendors and recycled into plastic key chains and throwaway lighters. It’s also another one of those bands that don’t seem to have much in the way of documented history. Anyone out there have the story on these guys? If so, let me know.

With production credited to Buffalo Bill Productions, 1970’s “Mud On Mudd” offered up a competent and occasionally engaging set of early-1970s hard rock. To be totally honest, you won’t find anything particularly original, or inspirational on the album, but virtually every one of the 11 tracks had something going for it , making it one of the more consistent releases I’ve stumbled across in recent times. Absent any kind of performance credits I can’t tell you anything about the band members, though the lead singer had a nice raspy voice that sounded a bit like a Joe Cocker in control of his faculties, or perhaps a less shrill Gary Wright.

The keyboardist and lead guitarist were also quite good, the former showcasing his talents on ‘Let’s Hurt Together’ while the latter powered tracks like ‘The Lights Gonna Shine’ with thick sustained chords that occasionally recalled Procol Harum-era Robin Trower. Musically the set was divided between popular rock covers (including an undistinguished Beatles track and a pair of decent Traffic covers) and what I’m guessing were originals credited in various combinations to A. Klein, V. Gabrielle, and Tom G. It’s one of those LPs where it’s hard to come up with an apt comparison, but imagine something along the lines of an early Americanized version of Spooky Tooth and you’ll be in the right neighborhood. (Bad Cat)

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side one:
A1. Medicated Goo/The Lights Gonna Shine
A2. The Bells
A3. Let’s Hurt Together
A4. I Thank You
side two:
B1. Coloured Rain
B2. Satisfied Mind
B3. I’ll Sell My Heart To A Clown
B4. Why Don’t We Do It In The Road
B5. Let’s Think Awhile
B6. If We Try

Medicated Goo - Mudd

Tommy ‘G’ Gonzales vocals horns
Randy Castillo - drums
Chuck Klingbeil - hammond B-3
Arnold Bodmer - keyboard
Steve D’Coda - lead guitar
Vic Gabrielle - bass and guitar

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:   455 mb/file


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  2. Superb album.Never heard it before.Many thanks...

  3. Powerful, greatful music. Thank you very much for this pearl, gigic2255!!!

  4. After downloading your rip, i just realise that i have already this album. It seems that he did not score me in that period where i purchased it. Despite this, there's some good tracks in this LP.
    Thanks Gigic for the sharing.
    PS: It seems there's a dangerous clown in this blog. He's not funny. Don't trust to clowns. They aren't funny!!!!

    1. Laurent, life is one big fun - wish you strong health and thanks for support

  5. Thank you, gigic2255! I'm looking for: Goldenroad - S/T (US west coast psych 1969) in lossless, do you have it and can upload it? thanks in advance.

  6. Thank you very much! Excellent stuff

  7. Randy castillo, that's the drummer for ozzy.

    Btw the link is dead

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    Another great stuff but the link is dead.Please a re-up will be nice.Thanks.


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