Evolution - Evolution (1970, spanish heavy/psychedelic & progressive rock, 2003 Wah-Wah reissue, gimmick-cover + 4 bonus tracks - FLAC)

Saudações a todos os amantes da boa música postada no bordeldorock, cá estamos nôs outra vez disponibilizando mais uma pérola perdida do mundo do rock!

O interessante na década de setenta são as obras primas (álbuns) surgidas nos mais inusitados lugares do planeta, falo isso pensando no lugar de onde surgiu essa banda setentista, Evolution, que veio da Espanha; lugar onde pode se dizer que tradicionalmente não é um celeiro de bandas de hard rock.

E esse album, meus amigos, é um senhor album de psicodélico hard rock com guitarra fuzz, resultando num maravilhoso trabalho! Espero que desfrutem dessa edição com 04 canções de bonus!

Evolution - She's So Fine:

The late ’60s in Spain saw a fascination with soul music — perhaps the upbeat groove of black America was a suitable reaction to the staid ways of Franco’s dictatorship.

Evolution initially arrived in Spain from Germany as beat/soul band Los Vampires, who overtime changed direction, lost members and regrouped at the end of the decade in Barcelona to become the cities hottest soul act.

When the psych-prog boom took off influences such as Santana, Spirit, King Crimson, Traffic and Blood, Sweat & Tears also began to play a crucial part in their sound.

The band originals combined incredible psych-rock dance floor fillers – notably ‘Dr. Vazquez’ – which were packed with fuzz guitar, Hammond and Det Ferring’s impressive vocals, with more introspective rock. (It comes as no surprise that recently the Mod scene has picked up on Evolution’s dazzling interpretation of Spirit’s ‘Fresh Garbage’{included on this album}).

Wah-Wah's splendid digipak re-issue of the 1970 Evolution album is packaged in the peculiar 'carrier bag' styled sleeve of the original 12" sleeve (including cardboard handgrip). Offering The Listener Loads Of Hammond Grooves And Psychedelic Fuzz Guitar.

Their Rare LP From 1970 Is Another One Of The Most Sought-After Records From Spain's Rock Heritage. The Wah Wah Edition Respects The Original Shopping Bag-Type Sleeve And Features Extensive Information On The Band, Plus Curious Photos, Memorabilia And 4 Bonus Tracks From A Couple Of 1971/1972 Singles Not On The Original Album.

A unique miniature recreation of the original carrier bag sleeve adorns the whole package.

Track list:
01 - Dr. Vázquez (2:51)
02 - I´m Walking High (4:12)
03 - She´s So Fine (3:05)
04 - Water (3:22)
05 - Fresh Garbage (2:49)
06 - 21st Century Schizoid Man (4:25)
07 - Get Ready / Evil Ways (5:06)
08 - Loving Me [Is Not the Only Thing to Do](3:12)
09 - You Don´t Love Me Baby (3:42)
Bonus Tracks:
10. In the Court of the Crimson King* (2:48) [single A-side]
11. Problems* (3:22) [single B-side]
12. I Must Live* (3:12) [single A-side]
13. Pain and Pleasure* (3:12) [single B-side]

*Wolfgang "Wolf" Jünger (Bass, 1969-72)
*Micky Kluge (Drums, Harmonica)
*Det Ferring (Vocals, Piano)
*Antonio "Tony" Ponce (Guitar)
*Paul Waldkecker (Saxophone, Clarinet, Guitar, 1969-70)

*T.J. Brown (Organ, 1970-72)
*Artur Domingo (Bass, 1972)


  1. Very good, only released in Spain, an album of German formations(Hamburg), based in Spain at the time. Evolution Originated from the rhythm& blues group 'Vampires', who recorded a few singles in 1966/1967.
    This very rare album contained mainly processing(cover) of recordings by other artists, including 2 songs from the debut of King Crimson - '21st Century Schizoid Man ',' In The Court Of The Crimson King ',Spirit - 'Fresh Garbage' and Santana - 'Evil Ways'
    In addition, material from the singles. (4 bonus tracks)
    Yep abum is Cool, a bit of psychedelic jazz plate inserted - in conjunction fuzz guitar,organ Hammond B3 and filled , the impressive vocals(English), sometimes with a hint of soul Spanish.
    CD (with booklet) wsunięto to undersized cardboard.
    An enjoyable album, That is very rare nowadays, I recommend!
    Nelwizard.... thanks for unearthing this treasure, and permission to enjoy it ... (like me, a few years ago)
    I cordially greet!

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  3. Nice surprise!Very good album and many thanks for it...

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    Thanks for this excellent post.

  6. It´s a greatguitarspan band. Yeah man i can dig it here! the video shown what fuck´em are!!!! Whole Rôla Love for you all.

  7. The owner at Wah Wah Records Barcelona gave me a copy after a hefty purchase , I was blown away , not just good , exceptional album, whacks the Yardbirds to hell and gone. As a rock author I regard this as an essential expression of the oppressed Spanish years ... I play this on radio all the time and the phone never stops ringing ??

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      EAC> FLac+.cue+log+scans


  8. Thank you now i know where lisker got there tone.


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