Fish Eye Lens - Take Another Ride - 1990 - US - Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Rockadelic Records - RRLP 5.5


A1 Tumbling Down 3:45
A2 Take Another Ride 4:21
A3 Voices Of Confusion 5:21
A4 Baby Come Back 3:04
A5 Cast Your Eyes 5:28
B1 Turn It Up 4:05
B2 Worlds Without End 3:36
B3 Gather Round 3:57
B4 Magic Ocean 5:07
B5 Touch The Sky 4:17

An absolute masterpiece in its genre and, of course, of rock music. Moreover, an album that Mint as mine is absolutely not easy to find. On YoutTbe before my upload there were only 5 songs out of 10, but the quality, as almost always in those parts ..., left much to be desired.
Released by the famous Rockadelic Records, one of those labels that have never disappointed, always with the covers hardback style psychedelia sixties
Really difficult the choice of songs to put as sampler, I chose at random because they are all wonderful!

Dig it!
rawkin' dog



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