Various Artists - Baia Degli Angeli 1977-1978 Vol. 2 - double album - 1975/1979 - Worldwide - Disco, Funk, Soul - vinyl 16.48 - flac - Use Vinyl Records - UVR 65.19 - Compiled By [Selected By] – Daniele Baldelli - 2019


A1 - Claudja Barry - Love For The Sake Of Love - 1976 (this version 1977) 07:56
Written-By – Jörg Evers, Jürgen S. Korduletsch
A2 - Tony Silvester & The New Ingredient - Cosmic Lady - 1976 05:35
Written-By – Dwight Brewster, Tony Silvester
A3 - Sam-Jam - Dance And Chant - 1979 06:48
Written-By – Michel Taillon, Roberto Biagioni, Réal Larouche, Réjean Ruel, Yves Ladouceur
B1 - Sticky Jones Gang - Tunisian Ride - 1976 (this version 1977) 05:55
Written-By – Charly Kressmann
B2 - Eli's Second Coming - Love Chant (Part II) - 1976 06:05
Written-By – Barbara Ingram, Bobby Eli, Ron Kersey
B3 - Dunn Pearson Jr. - Groove On Down - 1978 04:14
Written-By – Dunn Pearson Jr.
B4 - Biddu Orchestra - Rain Forest - 1976 04:37
Written-By – Biddu
C1 - Eddie Drennon & The B.B.S. Unlimited - Let's Do The Latin Hustle - 1975 06:07
Written-By – Eddie Drennon
C2 - Jakki - You Are The Star - 1976 06:34
Written-By – Ken Gibson
C3 - The Writers (2) - Star Black - 1978 06:45
Written-By – Hugh McCracken, Ralph MacDonald, Jeff Mironov, Anthony Jackson, Harvey Mason, Jerry Peters
D1 - Roger Gravel Avec Flashback (12) - Un Habit En La Bémol - 1977 07:01
Written-By – Roger Gravel
D2 - Supercharge (2) - I Think I'm Gonna Fall (in Love) - 1978 08:46
Written-By – Robert John Lange
D3 - Bus Connection - Dreamin' Of You - 1977 03:57
Written-By – Gianni Boncompagni, Paolo Orm

This incredible double selection I had to post it in July 2019 but for one reason or another it remained in the drawer ...
This 2xLP is even better, which is not at all easy, than the first double vinyl compilation dedicated to the dance clun Baia Degli Angeli, after being released 2 in CD format in 2005 ( and 2007 ( but those were mixed instead of these are single tracks taken from rare vinyl, some very rare, I had all the tracks except that of Bus Connection, which I discovered that they were Italian, but were recorded in low quality.
From here, this is a curiosity especially for Italians, I discovered Bus Connection were ruled by the talent of two Italians, the legendary Gianni Boncompagni (television and radio presenter, songwriter, television writer, director, music producer and singer) and the multi-instrumentalist Paolo Ormi (songwriter, composer, arranger, conductor, bassist, keyboardist and percussionist).
If I were a dj my opening theme song would be, without a shadow of a doubt, Un Habit En La Bémol by Roger Gravel Avec Flashback (12)!
When Daniele Baldelli comes to Bolzano I'm going to congratulate him. The last time I saw him in Bolzano was in 2012, then I no longer went to dance his sets for a thousand reasons, but I was always the first to dance for hours without stopping every time I went to enjoy his mixes!
As samplers from YouTube in mp3 ..., net the 5 songs of which I have not claimed the copyright, in fact they are not only magnificent, as all the double LP, but also the rarest of the lot.

This is my yard!

Dancing is healthy!

rawkin' dog



  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac

  2. thank You for the awesome Disco rips!!!!.. no one comments but all wonderful choices !

    1. Thank you! The comments are always very pleased. However, many are ashamed to say they love certain musical genres, while for me if a song is beautiful regardless of the genre. If you like funk / disco / soul I recommend this:, but on the blog from 2018 you can find other goodies of this wonderful dance music.


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