Waiting For The Sun - Waiting For The Sun - CD - 1978 - Uk - Folk Rock - flac - Kissing Spell - KSCD9508-F - 1995


1 Waiting For The Sun
2 Dear Lord
3 I Want To Dance
4 Old Fashioned Dreamer
5 Come Up Smiling
6 I Can't Take
7 This Thing's Gone On Long Enough
8 The Carpenter's Son
9 Maybe I'm A Fool
10 Come To Me / Safe With Me

Folk rock is not really my music genre, but this album, whose original is worth a capital, is not bad at all, besides I've never seen it on the web, so I think I'm doing something pleasing to friends who follow the blog!


rawkin' dog


  1. my own cd rip - flac



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