Plan 9 - Frustration - 1982 - US - Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Voxx Records - VXS 200.007


A1 Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye 2:17
Written-By – Mike Brand, Peter Shepley
A2 How Many Times 3:40
Written-By – Helen Uncapher, John DeLise
A3 I Can Only Give You Everything 4:18
Written-By – Phil Coulter, Tommy Scott
A4 I'm Not There 1:50
Written-By - Lil' Boys Blue
A5 Move 3:39
Written-By – Bill Sayers, James Booth (6)
A6 Flashback 2:50
Written-By – Silk Winged Alliance
B Frustration 11:50
Written-By – Robert Rowden, William Hay

Track A1 - originally performed by The Others (8) - 1965
Track A2 - originally performed by The Rovin' Flames - 1967
Track A3 - originally performed by Them (3) - 1966
Track A4 - originally performed by Lil' Boys Blue - 1966
Track A5 - originally performed by State Of Mind (35)
Track A6 - originally performed by Silk Winged Alliance
Track B -  originally performed by The Painted Ship - 1967

Plan 9 is my yard!

Usually I put material released only in vinyl, but this deserves an exception, both for its historical value and because a good vinyl rip sounds better than a CD released in 1988.

As in the case of the debut of The Chesterfield Kings (, of which you can also find the second one here: https: // bordeldorock / 2019/03 / the-chesterfield-king-stop-1985-us.html) are only covers chosen with an extraordinary expertise, where the long track that occupies the entire B side of this mini lp suggests that they will become one of the best bands in this flat world!

Part of my heart!

Dedicated to my dear friend Miki


rawkin 'dog


  1. sorry I wanted to delete only the wrong link but I was wrong, by the weekend the new link

  2. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!2sxDwAgK!OHTU8wa0v3xutc8A3Wx8SkbmuLPbW8RO3jgewncX62I

  3. Hi and thanx for the legendary Plan 9!! I am also from Rhode Island and have seen them live many times. Eric Stumpo died 4 months ago unfortunately. His obituary is here:

    Your vinyl rips sound great and was wondering if you have any 7'' singles and these 2 LP's you can upload:

    I've Just Killed A Man I Don't Want To See Any Meat
    Anytime Anyplace Anywhere

    Thanx again for a great blog! ~ Ray

    1. Hi Ray, you gave me a very sad news and, as in the case of Timothy Gassen of Marshamallow Overcoat, nobody remembers him, I'm crying, I think about remembering him, Plan 9 is my yard !. If I'm not mistaken, you and I have already met, always on the subject of OUR heroes on What CD. AAA I do the new rip and place it (on the blog there are the new rips also of Plan 9 1984 and Dealing With The Dead). Singles I don't have one but it seems to me that there aren't any unpublished albums, I have to check, in case I order them! I do not own the live album, but I have a great rip of digger (I hate to admit it but he's the best of all), a friend that I have lost sight of, but I'm sure he would like it. It will be the first time I have placed a job for others but Eric and his fans deserve it. Keep Your Cool my friend!



    1. Ótimo! Se você estiver interessado, aqui pode encontrar outros 2 álbuns: & /2017/12/plan-9-plan-9-1984-vinyl-16-48-new-rose.html. Felicidades!

    2. Hi, I'm Ugo Malachin, I think it was you, Dire Wolf, who commented on Plan 9 a couple of times on "my" YouTube channel that closed me down. If you dig into the blog there are others from the band.


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