The Primevals - Sound Hole - 1986 - Scotland - Alternative Rock, Garage Rock - vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - New Rose Records - ROSE 80


A1 Eternal Hotfire 1:12
A2 Prairie Chain 2:45
A3 Primeval Call 3:44
A4 See That Skin 5:05
A5 Spiritual 5:02
A6 Nutmeg City 2:10
B1 Elixir Of Life 4:40
B2 Fire And Clay 5:00
B3 Saint Jack 3:23
B4 Dish Of Fish 3:31
B5 Lowdown 6:50

It was really difficult to choose from YouTube to present at best this wonderful album, since the 11 songs that compose it are all exceptional.
An album that, after over 30 years of listening, is always more beautiful.
I would like to stress that even 1986, like all the eighty, was a golden year for rock music!

Dig it!

rawkin' dog

My 1986 playlist:

Always August - Black Pyramid
Arctic Circles - Time
Band Of Outsiders - Act Of Faith
Boohoos - The Sun, The Snake & The Hoo
Breathless - The Glass Bead Game
Bruce Joyner And The Plantations - Swimming With Friends
Creeps (The) - Enjoy The Creeps
Died Pretty - Free Dirt
Moths (The) (2) - Summer Snow
Plan 9 - Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
Primevals - Sound Hole
Sick Rose - Faces
Spikes (The) - Color In A Black Forest
Stan Ridgway - The Big Heat
Stomach Mouths (The) - Something Weird
That Petrol Emotion - Manic Pop Thrill
Things (The) - Outside My Window
Vietnam Veterans - In Ancient Times


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!a9w0DQra!yimSWeYiwDbfwWI0V8mhTEjemI9mHx2TtA2H94r4PfM

    1. Wonderful stuff! Has everyone out there the FLAC version of "Way Down South" by Bruce Joyner and the Plantations and "Talking to God" by Porcelain Bus to share?

  2. Two big requests! Bruce maybe in 3 weeks (next The Chesterfield Kings - Stop! - 1987), Porcelain Bus will be part of the ozrock story, but it will take some time since I want to go in chronological order.
    Have patience and everything arrives :-)

    1. Thanks a lot! I'm looking forward to that! And let me tell you that the idea of the "ozrock story" is absolutely wonderfull!!

  3. I've been pretty keen on music from 1986 myself, yet your playlist blew my mind with nearly a dozen artists I haven't heard yet, many of which don't appear in searches, Trouser Press Guide, etc. Reach out to me at fastnbulbous at gmail or via site, maybe we could do some trades!


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