The Thanes - Hey Girl + 6 - 1988 - Scotland - Garage Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - Flac (DDT Records - DDT EP 001)



A1 Hey Girl (Look What You've Done) 3'02"
Written-By – Alan McLean
A2 Wish You'd Stayed Away 3'19"
Written-By – Lenny Helsing
A3 I'll Find Out 2'03"
Written-By – Arthur Keith Evans , Mike Collier
B1 Touch 3'12"
Written-By – Ronald Splinter, Wally Tax
B2 I Won't Cry 3'18"
Written-By – Bruce Lyall
B3 I Am Alone 3'16"
Written-By – Lenny Helsing
B4 What Can I Do 2'19"
Written-By – Mahalia Jackson

my Thanes (of cawdor)

Mysteriously the Scottish band The Thanes, one of the best bands of all time, does not even appear in Wikipedia. Only Hey Girl (Look What You've Done), of the seven songs that make up this 12 ", EP, was released on CD (in Evolver's 2004 compilation). And this is another unexplainable thing, because this is perhaps the best stuff published by the band, whose repertoire is composed only of exceptionally excellent songs, a rock garage that does not have rivals where highly rhythmical compositions alternate with those slows, forming an irresistible blend.
I'm are very jealous of their vinyls, but such a unique and inimitable ensemble deserves to be known, in good quality, from friends who attend Bordel do Rock.
A comment, better after listening to these SEVEN wonders would be really appreciated! Thx.


rawkin' dog

dedicated to my dear friend Morris "The Skyler" Fletcher, who on Wednesday concluded his short life


  1. my own vinyl rip 16-48!28YFgYyA!rKR89V46yUVv7-UD1HVSASRUTng0EwctZUFbrGTvIM8

    1. Condolences for the loss of your friend Rawkin' Dawg. He will appreciate your turning us on to this awesome band in his memory.

  2. the tracks on youtube have grabbed my interest in this, many thanks!

  3. I had never heard of The Thanes before and they're awesome!!! Thanks much for turning me on to them Rawkin' Dawg! Would love to hear more from them too.

  4. Thanks from Skyler, surely I have other Thanes scheduled, in 2018 surely something arrives.

  5. new ,y own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!n55BXIiI!GqCgMQ96gnwMWUnPED5ezUv_VbzJYQNrhmjkB4vFg74


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