Mandrake - Mandrake (1978 us, stupendous hard/southern blues-rock - 2016 reissue) Flac

Rare southern hard rock pressed in 1978 on the Crazy Cajun label out of Texas, but recorded who knows when, as this label was known for unleashing a load of crazy releases from unknown artists repackaged in ridiculous covers like this one. Nevermind the cover though, there's lots of good bluesy southern hard rock guitar action in these grooves.

01 Money 
02 Cold Hearted Woman 
03 All The Same 
04 That's All Right 
05 Living In The World Alone 
06 I Got Loaded 
07 Realize 
08 Let It Roll 
09 Honey 
10 Mandrakes Wild Hair


  1. EAC > Flac+.cue+log+scans

    1. Thank you very much my dear friend!

    2. Tankyu NEL for MANDRKE southern rock is my kind of music...

  2. Este álbum estava na minha lista de desejos a anos.
    Valeu e muito.
    Ótima semana

  3. Thank you, NelWizard, for Mandrake! Looking forward to the listening experience!

  4. It's a bit misleading to call this a '2016 reissue' as it's from the bootleg Crossroads label. As such, the CD's content most likely came from a pre-existing online rip of the original vinyl rather than a 1st gen master tape source. Sorry to be a nit-picker, just wanted to set the record straight. Great blog though, many thanks for what you do here.
    Best Wishes,
    Cosmo Chrome


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