Jeff Liberman - Solitude Within (1975 us, fantastic acid/progressive & psychedelic heavy-rock - vinyl rip) Flac

Chicago born Jeff Liberman is a guitar player in the best tradition of 70s guitar Gods like Hendrix, Trower, Clapton or Zappa. The perfect mix between virtuosity and feeling with a gift for brilliant songwriting. 

Between 1975 and 1978, Liberman self-released three albums on his own Librah label which were some of the first private pressings to gain recognition amongst psych collectors in the 80s. 

“Solitude Within” is his second album, released in 1975. A heavy guitar psych / West Coast /acid rock classic with plenty of acid soloing drenched in fuzz-wah plus treated vocals, effects, hard-blues and even some cool mellow folk grooves and experimental excursions.

Versatile creation of outsider influence, psych, and highly intelligent guitar wankerings and twangs. If you can perceive a more reclusive Robin Trower who's been drinking mushroom tea, you'll have Liberman's Solitude Within.

A1 I Can't Change 2:30
A2 Springtime 3:00
A3 Rock Or Roll Me 3:00
A4 Life Is Just A Show 8:57
A5 A Myopic Euphoria 3:20
B1 Woman 4:37
B2 Solitude Within 
B3 Soft And Tasty 4:17
B4 The Same Old Blues 4:30
B5 Transition 3:00


  1. Vinyl rip, 16-bit/44.1kHz Flac!poZlwZgK!uvmXX-pswpaMHsJHnVEzcxZVsbdkhFW-3qLw3q_ypuk

  2. Thank you NEL.I never heard this album before...

  3. Hello Nelwizard,
    again a great record. Really ike your taste of music. After a long time (shame on me) I want to thank you for your lot and great work for your blog and for us.
    I wish you Merry Christmas with nice greetings form Germany.


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