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Clockwork (Jimmy and The Soulblazers) - Clockwork (1973 usa, fantastic classic rock & rhythm & blues, vinyl rip) Flac 24-bit

Jimmy and The Soulblazers (also known as Change and Clockwork) are an American soul and funk band from Alliance, Ohio. Since 1966 they have played for audiences across the East Coast and Midwest of the United States.

Signed with Kapp Records (a division of MCA Records, now Universal Music Group) in 1970 as Change, they released two singles. In 1972, they called themselves The Joneses, and combined their Motown and R&B with more rock songs and their own compositions.

Although they were still performing as The Joneses, in 1973 they released a supposedly self-titled album of original songs and covers, Clockwork on Greene Bottle Records, a division of Famous Music. Clockwork was re-released in 2010, on the Homespun Records label.

Their vocals and musicianship have kept them a regional favorite for many years. In 2002, a new album, It's About Time, was released. A mixture of Motown hits with a few lesser known soul tunes, it also featured the Soulblazers' longtime cover of "Goin' Out of My Head" a Little Anthony tune, "With A Little Help From My Friends", a Joe Cocker cover, and a cover of "Grazin' In The Grass." They also have added a horn section to their lineup.
*Jim Korleski - vocals and keyboards
*Dave Sorge - guitar
*Mike Bugara - guitar and vocals
*Bill McCrea - vocals and percussion
*John Sineri - drums
*Mike Duruttya - flute, sax and vocals
*Gary Zeigler - bass

**Special thanks to Jim "Mud Dog" Miller - harmonica

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Sid Rumpo - First Offense (1974 australian, great hard/blues rock with progressive touches) Flac

The Sid Rumpo album 'First Offense' was released in 1974. By this time my guitar playing was getting stronger, I almost felt I could play. Somehow this band just evolved. We started talking about in 1971 but two of the guys were students finishing off degrees.

When we eventually gathered together late in 1971 at a house in Mount St, Claremont, we were Bob Searls - guitar and vocal, Ken Wallace - piano and percussion, Owen Hughes (ex Jellyroll Bakers) - bass, and myself on guitar and harmonica. We were lacking a drummer. I think we tried out a few local guys and either we didn't like them or they didn't like us. This led to placing an ad in the musical section of the local Sunday paper. 

The results were well worth it. The day Noel Herridge walked though the door it was a dream come true. He been driving around Australia in a Kombi and just happened to be in Perth at the right time. He had great experience playing with Broderick Smith and Paul Lever in blues bands in Melbourne. He had an awesome feel, just what we were after so it became Noel Herridge - drums.

To cut a long story short, we were very successful in Perth. We were lucky to have three of us who were constantly writing songs; Bob, Ken and myself. We played a lot of gigs and I think opened up the rock scene in Perth to the extent that more venues were booking more rock bands. We won a Hoadley's Battle Of The Bands (not too sure if I should have mentioned that), and in November 1972 we moved to Melbourne to try out in the "big smoke". 

We arrived in Melbourne late in 1972 and quickly went about trying to become established in the local scene. We were signed by Mushroom pretty quickly and appeared at Sunbury1973. We also recorded some live gigs at the Garrison. 

 A trip back to Perth allowed us to be the support band for John Mayall at the WACA. I got to talk with his drummer Keef Hartley, who made some fabulous albums with his own band. In our early days, we did a couple of his tracks. His first few albums are just great, I still listen to them.

By about August 1973 I was pretty burned out or freaked out or whatever and decided to return to Perth. I was a partner in 78 Records and went straight back into the business.

The guys picked up a great new guitarist, Mick Elliot, who I think was a better fit than I was. I wanted to improvise and the other guys wanted to rock a lot more. Mick was a great rock guitar player and the band progressed to recording an album, known as First Offense that charted. They also played Sunbury 1974. (by John Hood)

*Mick Elliot - Guitar, Vocals
*Robert "Rob" Searls - Guitar, Vocals
*Ken Wallace - Piano, Percussion
*Noel Herridge - Drums, Percussion
*Owen Hughes - Bass
*John Hood - Guitar

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Murphy Blend - First Loss (1970 germany brilliant hard/progressive rock - vinyl rip) Flac 24bit lossless

Murphy Blend (named after a pipe tobacco) early-1970's German rock group from Berlin who changed into Hanuman and then Lied Des Teufels. 

Murphy Blend were quite a mystery. They were also a rarity in early German rock, as they combined the psychedelic Krautrock sound with heavy rock, blues and classical musics. 

Their music had hints of early Jane and Pell Mell, but apart from that they had a unique style, with a strongly accented vocalist, topical lyrics and heady instrumentals, heavily featuring chunky Hammond organ.

They were responsible for one of the best albums released on Polydor's legendary Kuckuck label. They were a quintet comprising Wolf-Rodiger Uhlig (organ, cembalo, grand piano, vocals), Wolfgang Rumler (guitar, vocals), Andreas Scholz (bass) and Achim Schmidt (drums). "First Loss" was recorded in Union Studio, Munich, during October — December 1970, produced by Jonas Porst (the manager of Ihre Kinder!) and engineered by Thomas Klemt.

Murphy Blend revealed a fine blend in which Uhlig utilised his keyboards to incorporate classical themes into their heavy progressive music. He had studied classical music for three years in Berlin. The songs were melodic, textured by heavy guitar and organ riffs. 

The album contained six proper tracks (mostly written by Uhlig) and the shortest German song of all time: the 3/10 of a second long "Happiness"! It's impossible to name highlights as all material is truly great!

Sadly, Murphy Blend disbanded soon after recording this album. Andreas Scholz went on the heavy progressive Blackwater Park in 1971. Wolf-Rudiger Uhlig guested on Frumpy's third album "By The Way" in 1972.
Wolf-Rodiger Uhlig — Organ, Cembalo, Grand Piano, Vocals
Wolfgang Rumler — Guitar, Vocals
Andreas Scholz — Bass
Achim Schmidt — Drums
A1. At First (4:32)
A2. Speed Is Coming Back (5:58)
A3. Past Has Gone (7:30)
B1. Pradudium / Use Your Feet (5:31)
B2. Firt Loss (7:44)
B3. Funny Guys (3:38)
B4. Happiness (0:01)

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Curtiss Maldoon - Curtiss Maldoon (1971 uk, amazing classic rock / folk-rock - 2008 Japan Mini LP CD) Flac

Curtiss Maldoon is a folk music duo from England, formed by Dave Curtiss and Clive Maldoon (born Clive Skinner).

They first began working together in the band Bodast in 1968 which also featured Steve Howe (Yes, Asia, GTR) on guitar and Bobby Woodman Clarke on drums. They recorded one album produced by Keith West whom Howe had worked with in UK psychedelic band Tomorrow (known for their hit "My White Bicycle"), but it remained unreleased until it came out in truncated and remixed form in 1982 as The Lost Bodast Tapes.

A full re-issue featuring the original 1969 mixes came out under the title Spectral Nether Street on the RPM label in the 1990s.

Although not very active on the live circuit as they preferred to spend their time writing and rehearsing, Bodast played a legendary show called the Pop Prom in 1968 where they were on the bill with the Who and acted as Chuck Berry's back-up band for the night.

Curtiss Maldoon were on Purple Records, the label started by Deep Purple. Their connection to Deep Purple came out of Dave Curtiss short-lived involvement with an early incarnation of the band known as "Roundabout" where Curtiss was the vocalist (and Bobby Woodman Clarke was the drummer). No recordings have come to light of this line-up. Dave Curtiss (under the name "Dave Curtis and the Tremors") recorded several beat singles in the mid 60s for various labels.

Their first LP features Steve Howe on lead guitar, Tony Ashton, and musicians from Mighty Baby, including Roger Powell.

Curtiss Maldoon did some touring after the release of this album bolstered by a rhythm section. They played shows with Badfinger in the US and also did a well reviewed concert at Lincoln Center where they were on the bill with vocalist Merry Clayton.

Their 2nd LP came out under the name Maldoon as Curtiss asked that his name be removed from the project and that it be a Clive Maldoon solo album. It came out on the Purple label as well, this time distributed by Warner Brothers.

After this album, Clive Maldoon continued trying to establish himself in the music world but ran into a series of managerial and contract problems. He died in 1978 of complications from prescription medications.
01. Man From Afghanistan
02. Fly Like An Eagle
03. So Nice
04. Long Long Time
05. Ibiza Beach Song
06. Warm On The Ridge
07. Sepheryn
08. I'm Waiting
09. You Make Me Happy(And You Make Me Sad)
10. Find A Little Peace

11. Amber Man
12. Ah It's A Feeling
13. Still Is The Night
14. It's Alright