Murphy Blend - First Loss (1970 germany brilliant hard/progressive rock - vinyl rip) Flac 24bit lossless

Murphy Blend (named after a pipe tobacco) early-1970's German rock group from Berlin who changed into Hanuman and then Lied Des Teufels. 

Murphy Blend were quite a mystery. They were also a rarity in early German rock, as they combined the psychedelic Krautrock sound with heavy rock, blues and classical musics. 

Their music had hints of early Jane and Pell Mell, but apart from that they had a unique style, with a strongly accented vocalist, topical lyrics and heady instrumentals, heavily featuring chunky Hammond organ.

They were responsible for one of the best albums released on Polydor's legendary Kuckuck label. They were a quintet comprising Wolf-Rodiger Uhlig (organ, cembalo, grand piano, vocals), Wolfgang Rumler (guitar, vocals), Andreas Scholz (bass) and Achim Schmidt (drums). "First Loss" was recorded in Union Studio, Munich, during October — December 1970, produced by Jonas Porst (the manager of Ihre Kinder!) and engineered by Thomas Klemt.

Murphy Blend revealed a fine blend in which Uhlig utilised his keyboards to incorporate classical themes into their heavy progressive music. He had studied classical music for three years in Berlin. The songs were melodic, textured by heavy guitar and organ riffs. 

The album contained six proper tracks (mostly written by Uhlig) and the shortest German song of all time: the 3/10 of a second long "Happiness"! It's impossible to name highlights as all material is truly great!

Sadly, Murphy Blend disbanded soon after recording this album. Andreas Scholz went on the heavy progressive Blackwater Park in 1971. Wolf-Rudiger Uhlig guested on Frumpy's third album "By The Way" in 1972.
Wolf-Rodiger Uhlig — Organ, Cembalo, Grand Piano, Vocals
Wolfgang Rumler — Guitar, Vocals
Andreas Scholz — Bass
Achim Schmidt — Drums
A1. At First (4:32)
A2. Speed Is Coming Back (5:58)
A3. Past Has Gone (7:30)
B1. Pradudium / Use Your Feet (5:31)
B2. Firt Loss (7:44)
B3. Funny Guys (3:38)
B4. Happiness (0:01)


  1. Vinyl rip, Flac 96/32-bit floating point lossless!PBthmbyY!WOyATB78-l3mR892goKT-jW0p2jrQZYd5lA6eHike6M

  2. One of of the iconic albums,issued by Kuckuck - equally from cult label, associated with Polydor operating since 1969 in Germany, occupying itself, progressive rock. Also - one the album of groups that flitted on the rock scene, as meteorites,whereupon was disbanded,after recording barely one LP.

    Murphy Blend quintet, mareriał prepared for the album 'First Loss' autumn 1970 in the Munich studio Union. He offered music which is then very timely, but also with the original element. The point is that the rule Hammond organ here, which are used both for driving the mesmerizing compositions chords and solos. For this burden guitar riffs - means in the area are associations with Deep Purple and Uriah Heep (above all supporters of these formations thing should accrue to taste). Murphy Blend distinguished, however, references to early music, in which shone the leader and founder of almost the entire repertoire of Rodiger Wolfgang Uhlig (studied for several years, classical music - no wonder so). Already in the 'At First' we have elements of hard rock and quasi-Baroque style. It happens that the compositions comprise a kind of preamble, they seem to start twice ... This is the 'At First', when the drive is suitable Hammond, and delicious 'Speed ​​is Coming Back', which govern beautiful guitar solos, and one of It served them right from the start...revelation - a bluesy dramatic mood - mood is also on 'Past Has Gone' sublime, powerful organ Hammond and sobbing guitar. It is a pity that when this piece had to sing above, the problem occurred ...

    In my opinion, the lack of outstanding singer is the reason for which we associate with the plate just very good, not brilliant,on consisted of instrumental potential the group. Looking more broadly, it could be a factor in the fact that
    Murphy Blend, however, did not do career (though with this... it was diversely: the band Nosferatu, recorded the album absolutely brilliant, and also disappeared) But listening to those, long instrumental passages from the 'First Loss' that today, really compelling! The end of the album introduces some playful elements: 'Funny Guys' indeed very cleverly contrive 'riff' organ Hammond.... complementary with baroque tinge. Somewhere in advance surely smiled favorably to the German musicians the formation of their countryman,Jan Sebastian Bach. And at the very end appear the shortest song in the history of German music industry - 'Happiness' is just a short shout expressing happiness ...
    Thx Nel :)

    1. @Nel, gladly compare the sound with the vinyl version, with my CD - release on Kuckuck and Esoteric ..;)
      big hugs,

  3. omg thanks for those ultra nice flac-uploads! THANKS MAN

    also mega ist very nice because its free and fast


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