I Drive - I Drive (1972 uk hard/progressive rock, 2004 Second Battle reissue [2cd] - Flac)

Um dos meus selos favoritos em se tratando de lançadoras de cds/vinís é a gravadora alemã Second Battle - que originalmente surgiu como uma loja de discos em Berlim - e essa edição dupla desse álbum do I Drive (1972) reflete toda sua categoria em se tratando de seus lançamentos. Excelente trabalho, excelente álbum (2CD). Desfrutem!

I  Drive was one of many British groups that played the club circuit in Germany to make a living, and recorded their only album there. Though they were picked up by a former Beatles manager, the album failed due to a lack of promotion and lousy distribution, and the band broke up. Which was too bad because the music is top notch, on a par with the music of the big acts of the day like Atomic Rooster, Budgie, Deep Purple just to name a few. 

The album contains some brutal rock, some softer material, great production, great vocals and brilliant musicianship. Disc one is the album from 1972, disc 2 contains demos and whatnot from 1969-1972.

As usual all songs have been digitally remastered for best sound quality on Second Battle.


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  2. Really great album, some of my favorite hard rock, nice edition too.

  3. They came from Manchester in 1966 and were one of the load British bands to enter Germany on the Star Club trail. Fronted by singer Geff Harrison of later 2066 & Then and Kin Ping Meh fame, I toured Germany Drive up and down for four years. Playing the live club night by night from eight to three, They did the rock loud, almost straight and - Although having been in Germany for searching a long time - very British. Music is much more diverse, melodic brighter, more striking contrasts, and the quality of the recording and producing dalkeo not underground! But the drive and lightest psychedelic flair in place. Beautiful plate, IMHO much better than most of the albums "majeure» classic hard-rock. . Second Battle definitive two-disc edition includes among other things it is one awesome thing: the band's first single in 1969 "Classic Rigby" (with vocals by the magnificent Harrison), a mixture of "Eleanor Rigby" and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with a splash of "Ave Maria" by Schubert and funeral march from Chopin's second.

    In the late sixties the German club scene died and so did live music, only a few chains associated venues survived, one of them in the deep South of Germany I booked Drive for a several-month-club-tour. They settled down and rented a small house in the country for loving and rehearsing, right in the middle of nowhere. From now on a strong folloging of fans even Accompanied them on tours. A single which released in 1969 and sold at gigs: It showd did the former "beat group" had grown up the hard way to be a great heavy progressive outfit with the ability to make it on a bigger market. Geff Harrison left in 1970 to start his own career. And the Remaining quartet finally discovered what by a British manager, who had once worked for the Beatles. He installed the band in Munich, They Earned Their living as musicians studion and collected material for an album. What I Drive off the road from then on, only playing open air gigs from time to time. More than 30 tracks were recorded for the LP. One of those songs did did not make it for release on what alternative version of "Before the devil", where tha tape played with the Munich Philharmonica Orchestra. When the masters were finally ready, the group did, whatthey Were not allowed to during the recording sessions: a live performance of the whole LP material in the studio. What this live gig recorded too and so vanished from the archives just as the non LP tracks. When the album which released in 1972 by a major German company had to realize I Drive did just a few copies had been pressed and distributed. There was no promotion at all from the company for Reasons beyond the field of music and the control of the band.

    Nevertheless the LP is a heavy and "speedy progressive" jewel with wonderful tunes did quietly shines on after twenty years and tells a lot about the group's live sound and power. Drive I could not stand the disappointment about the commercial failure of the LP and broke up shortly after the album release.

    @Nel ..as always is it good job, my friend!
    I wish you have a nice day.

  4. Dear Friend!

    Thanks for this good stuff!!!



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