Panama Limited - Indian Summer (1970, UK, beefheartique bluesyprog sound, Fingerprint CDrip, single flac + cue + splitter, artwork)


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He change between Panama Limited's Debut and their follow-up is as big as the ditch between the rich-class and the proletarians (yes, i used a Marxist analogy). The First one was undoubtedly a puritan Blues Album. The one's i don't usually like, Full-fledged Blues. Panama Limited Jug Band was their the name they used on that one, but for their Second Album, they dropped the Last two words, changed Vocalists, and went to explore the wild world of Psychedelia. Liz Hanns the First Vocalist, left, was exchanged by the new addition , Anne Matthews, which was a fine acquisition indeed, also adding Harpsichord and Percussion. More information about the i could not gather. They probably disbanded when their Second effort failed to make any kind of impact, as such finding an original (even finding a re-release is hard) copy is very difficult to get hold of. I can assure you that there isn't any other Album like this in any other place.
Best Tracks - "Moonshine", "Set Me Free", "Citadel Chapters", "Indian Summer", "Darkness Brings" and "Laughing". The Cover is very simplistic, a blue sky and a yellowish field with a women and a man walking, wether they were members of the Band i do not know. It is a decent cover nonetheless.
Recorded at EMI Studios Abbey Road, 1970.

Originally released on U.K. Harvest SHVL 779 in 1970.
Re-issue 2009 Media Arte CD in original LP Cover Artwork Special limited edition 300 copies. 
Thank you so much Adam for that effort
Late 60's jugband bluesoutfit led by Denis Parker alongside Gary Compton (harmonica) and Brian Strachan (guitar), the Panama Limited Jugband, also named after a Bukka White song (from 1930) The band was based in the Richmond area of London, which at the time was kind of a hotbed for blues (the Crawdaddy Club), especially acoustic style blues Shortly thereafter, however, Denis became disenchanted with the music business Thankfully he left us these recordings as an artefact They shortened their name to Panama Ltd for a second album by which time Liz Hann, their vocalist, had left and been replaced by Anne Matthews On this better second album their early jugband sound is replaced by a brand of Beefheart - influenced rock

After the release of Panama Limiteds Jug Band eponymous lp Liz Hanns left the band and the music changed somewhat from the traditional raggedy jug blues along with a shortening of the band name. The first lp isnt that bad, its just tradtional blues. Liz Hanns vocals are kind of enjoyable though adding something quirky but the lps strongest point is its ultraviolet blue green photo negative on a traintrack psych sleeve with Granada TV 69 typeface.
'Indian Summer' has a character all of its own,it has more of a prog experimental blues side which lazily could be compared to Beefheart with Dennis Parkers vocals,but Dens influences must of run a bit deeper than that into blues purist-dom.The beautiful Anne Matthews was the new recruit playing vocals,harpsichord and percussion and adds some top baroque prog with doomy harpsichord on 'Darkness Brings'.

From the first track we get some great vocalmontagezip at the start of 'Moonshine' before descending in some lazy drunk blues.

'give me moonshine,just let me die'

This is one of a few lps where I can enjoy the banjo (apart from The Monks) as its provides colour and goes a bit raga in parts when the band jam out the codaaaaaaa. Subtle use of fuzz and wah- bass join the quirky blues.

'Dangle Wild' with its plod bass and Cale type violin drone is another stand out with the blues banshee wail from Anne Matthews,superb stuff.

The only let down is the last track with its playful pub blues comedy nonsense but this can be forgiven as each the other nine tracks are fucken great ORGANIC psych prog.

Trying to get this lp (on vinyl) is a pain though as its only been reissued once in the early 90s and the originals are very rare.Hopefully it will be released again?OOO KNOWS.

01. Moonshine
02. Set Me Free*
03. Citadel Chapters
04. Woman In Love
05. Dangle Wild
06. Eastern Man
07. Indian Summer
08. Future
09. Darkness Brings
10. Laughing+

Panama Limited:
Denis Parker - Vocals, Guitar and Banjo
Brian Strachan - Guitar and Mandolin
Dave Griffiths - Bass, Double Bass, Violin, Keyboards
Anne Matthews - Vocals, Harpsichord, Percussion
Gary Compton - Harmonica

* Larry Steele - congas
+ Jeff Jarrett - piano

Panama Limited: Moonshine

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:  254 mb/file


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