Orang-Utan: Orang-Utan (1971) (1998 Reissue) [FLAC]

Artist: Orang-Utan

Album: Orang-Utan
Genre: Hard Rock, Acid Rock, Heavy Psychedelic Rock
Year: 1971
Country: England
Label/Catalog: Lizard Records / LR 0703-2 (1998 Reissue)

Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

Conhecida na verdade como Hunter, essa banda foi formada no fim dos anos 60 no norte de Londres por um grupo de músicos bastante talentosos de outras bandas locais de algum reconhecimento, mas que haviam se desfeito. O único álbum que eles gravaram mostram o altíssimo nível de qualidade musical, a criatividade e a originalidade ao fazer um hard rock com toques um tanto ácidos ou psicodélicos, dotado de distorções ainda incomuns para a época e uma intensidade bastante similar às bandas de stoner rock. A banda, portanto, decidiu gravar em um estúdio em Londres com 16 pistas e diversos recursos altamente avançados para a época. Curiosamente, o álbum foi somente lançados nos Estados Unidos pela Bell Records por um Adrian Miller, que se passou de produtor da banda, sem o consentimento de quaisquer integrantes! Miller é quem na verdade sugeriu o nome Orang-Utan ao verdadeiro produtor da banda, ainda que a mesma continuasse a se apresentar como Hunter - nome de uma música de Albert King - até seus últimos dias. O guitarrista Sid Fairman sequer foi creditado, uma vez que ele deixou a banda pouco após a gravação do álbum. No fim das contas, eis o exemplo de uma banda talentosa que poderia ter feito bastante sucesso, mas que infelizmente esteve cercada de pessoas erradas que conseguiram colocar tudo a perder.

Actually known as Hunter, this band was formed in the late 60s in North London by a group of highly-gifted young musicians from other local bands of some recognizment which had disbanded shortly before. Their only album shows the top-grade musical quality, creativity and inventivity making a hard rock fulfilled of acid and psychedelic approaches, driven by still uncommon distortions for those times and an intensity quite similar to stoner rock bands. The band, therefore, decided in a then "state-of-the-art" 16-track studio facility in London with the latest sound technology available. Curiously, the album was only released in the United States by Bell Records through a certain Adrian Miller, who pretended to be the band's producer and without any band members' consent! Miller was who in fact secretly suggest the real bands's producer to change their name to Orang-Utan, even if they kept going on under the name Hunter - after an Albert King's song - until their last days. The guitarrist Sid Fairman wasn't ever credited, once that he left the band shortly after the album recording. At the end of everything, here's the example of a talented band which could have been very sucessful, which sadly was surrounded with some wrong people who managed to make everything go down the drain.

01 I Can See Inside Your Head (3:15)
02 Slipping Away (6:12)
03 Love Queen (4:31)
04 Chocolate Piano (6:33)
05 If You Leave (5:22)
06 Fly Me High (4:38)
07 Country Hike (4:20)
08 Magic Playground (3:20)

Jeff Seopardie - drums
Paul Roberts - bass guitar
Sid Fairman - guitar
Mick Clarke - guitar
Terry "Nobby" Clark - vocals

Originally released by Bell Records in 1971 in the United States




  1. A great classic album from the 70's, that would deserve a much better exposure that this unofficial cd reissue, even if it is precious for those who haven't managed to grab the original press, now not easy to find.

  2. Early 70s UK heavy acid rock with smoking twin lead guitar in the vein of Leaf Hound and the like.

    An often considered Psychedelic, Acid Rock, Heavy Rock, Hard Rock group from London, England, whose only album was originally released in the U.S. exclusively. The band was previously known as Hunter but never issued any recordings under that name. They are based heavily on sludgy Blues type riffs.

    They have great musicianship in all instrumental departments the biggest emphasis being on the twin lead guitars. Their heavy sound can also be considered an influence on the Stoner Rock genre. Sounds similar to American and British groups such as, Deep Purple, Vanilla Fudge, Cream, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, B.F Trike, and Mountain.

    The group Orang-Utan consisted of an amalgamation of talent. The best musicians from several other notable dissolving bands, that had been playing in the North of London in the late 60s, were to be the contributors in combination. The story behind this group is just as interesting as the music they played itself. This group of musicians recorded their album's worth of material at what was then a 16 track "state of the art" studio facility in London. For somewhat unique and intriguing starters, this British band's only s/t album was released on the US Bell Records label in 1970.

    The band had no idea their album was being released and only found out about it by accident. Adrian Miller was the person that claimed the producer’s title on the Bell album release. He was also the person responsible for stealing this material from the musicians and getting it released without the group’s consent or knowledge. Adrian even secretly convinced the group’s unsuspecting manager at the time, to suggest to the band to change their name to Orang-Utan.

    At the time the band were still going by their original name “Hunter” which they had taken from an Albert King song. It is believed that if the band had been managed with any real degree of integrity and professionalism, they possibly would have went on to do bigger and better things. The music itself consists of well played and diversely crafted heavy guitar oriented rock. It is not of a Psychedelic nature, or Acid Rock based as some have claimed.

    The music itself consists of well played and diversely crafted heavy guitar oriented rock. It is not of a Psychedelic nature, or Acid Rock based as some have claimed. There was only one member that even smoked hash regularly. Several of the songs are nothing short of brilliant and serve to show what incredible talent these young 19-20 year old musicians possessed. Most all of the music was written and composed by Jeff Seopardie who was the drummer, with the majority of the guitar & bass riffs being developed and played by Mick Clarke & Paul Roberts respectively. There actually was a second guitarist that played on the album, but unfortunately he was sacked for personal reasons right after the material was recorded.

    “Nobby” Clark, whose powerful and well done vocal duties can be heard quite clearly on the album, only had one lung. “Nobby” was actually the second vocalist for the band and demos do exist from the band line up that proceeded him. Despite the greatness that is recorded on their lone album, the band has yet to receive any royalties from the original recording and any of it’s reissues.”

    Musically, Orang Utan features great twin lead guitar work and some long tracks with titles like “Chocolate Piano” this is similar in style to Leaf Hound and early Led Zeppelin with a late ’60′s U.S. feel.

    Thx micose!


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