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 Pode procurar à vontade, não existe outro na internet

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A post from OldBitch and Adamus67

Putada, siguinte
Quando eu comprei esse disco aqui não imaginava o quanto era bom e o quanto era raro tambem
Bem no estilo do Wicked Lady, com uma guitarra fuzzy poderosa (que aliás é o guitarrista do Wicked Lady) deve ser baixado e escutado inteiro
Não adianta procurar na internet, que não existe outro não (pelo menos até onde eu saiba)
Então, fodam-se ai baixando esta maravilha raríssima aqui


When I bought this record here did not realize how good it was and how rare it was also

Well in the style of Wicked Lady, with a powerful fuzzy guitar (which incidentally is the guitarist for Wicked Lady) must be downloaded and listened to whole
No use looking on the internet, there is no other no (at least as far as I know)
So fuck you i downloading this wonder rare here

Adamus67 part

In 1972, the band Wicked Lady decided to finally calm down a bit and work on the album. Calm did not last too long, because at the beginning of work on the album the musicians quarreled and began to fight among themselves. Police intervened and the band landed in jail. After the musicians came to the conclusion that they are not able to sign a contract with any record label and the band solved. The musicians went to an unspecified Middle East ....
only Martin Weaver just landed in a very good group - Dark, eventually landing in Africa, would where further sped rollicking life.

Their 3rd album called 'Artefacts of the Black Museum' is a second collection of early recordings pre-dating the debut, this time from 1970 to 1972. It was released in 2002 and was every bit as good as everything else they have done.

Dark - Artefacts From The Black Museum (1972)

Track list
1. Maypole
2. In The Sky
3. Wasting Your Time
4. Could Of Sworn
5. I'm Not Sad
6. R.C.8
7. All Through The Night
8. Maypole

- Steve Giles / guitars, vocals
- Bruce Duncan / bass, guitars, vocals
- Martin Moloney / organ
- Charles Hiams / drums
- Clive Thorneycroft / drums
- Carl Bush / bass
- Ron Johnson / bass

Recorded Sis Studios Northampton, 1970 - 1972,
Label:Acme – AC8009LP LP Limited Edition, 500 Copies 




  1. Ok, this is the same Dark that did Round the Edges and much later, Anonymous Days! I didn't now there was another release in the discography! Fascinating and fantastic, thanks!

  2. No problem, Dan we are glad that your taste buds stimulated .... thanks for your visit here!

  3. This is the same band that released Round the Edges, which has become one of the U.K.’s most expensive albums. Artefacts from the Black Museum was released after the band’s demise, but this fuzz-laden album was recorded Sis Studios Northampton, between 1970-1972. Released in the U.K. on the Acme label in 1996, this is a limited hand-numbered edition of 500 copies and comes with an insert.
    This legendary progressive rock band, which was responsible for the UK's most expensive album, was formed by Steve Giles whilst at school in Northampton in 1968. They met local entrepreneur Alan Bowley who'd recently converted a derelict house into a recording studio, and this led to four acetates of "RC8" and "In The Sky".
    They performed at a few local gigs, and as their playing got tighter, decided to go into SIS Studios, Northampton, with engineer Alan Bowley, to record an album. The six tracks, written and arranged by the band were recorded over a weekend in 1972 and consist of melodic progressive rock laced with lots of fuzzy guitar riffs. Only a handful of copies were pressed, and Giles, who had a strong interest in photography, made the first twelve copies into full-colour gatefold sleeves, complete with booklets of photographs stapled together, augmented with handwritten notes. They were handed out to band members and their girlfriends! These are now valued at L1,500 by Record Collector who valued copies which came with a black and white gatefold sleeve at L1,350, and those which came in a single black and white sleeve - at L1,200 in their December 1993 issue. A total of 65 copies were reissued in all and each came with a lyric booklet and sold originally for L3!
    The band then split with Clive and Martin going their own ways, and Steve and Ron continuing to record for their own pleasure until 1977 when Ron married and moved to Cornwall.

  4. Very interesting!
    I got the Instagram post talking about this album. I decided to look over and was impressed. Thank you! | m /


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