The Zarkons – Riders In The Long Black Parade – 1985 - US - Post-Punk, Garage Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Enigma Records (3) - 72048-1, Time Coast Communications, Inc. - TCC-2205


A1 - The Zarkons - Screams In The Night 4:02
A2 - The Zarkons - Live Free Or Die 4:04
A3 - The Zarkons - I'm Lovesick Of The World 4:47
A4 - The Zarkons - Queen Of The Jungle 3:14
B1 - The Zarkons - White Rabbit 2:29
Written-By – Grace Slick
B2 - The Zarkons - Darkness Synkopation 5:08
B3 - The Zarkons - I Got A Hole In Me 4:08
B4 - The Zarkons - Schizo-Phrenia 4:19


Bass Guitar, Vocals – Dianne Chai
Cover [Cover Art], Artwork [Cover] – Randy Stodola
Drums – John McCarthy (2)
Engineer – Bruce Jackson (4), Randy Stodola, Steve Cohen (9)
Guitar, Vocals – Randy Stodola
Mastered By – Stephen Marcussen
Producer – Randy Stodola
Songwriter – Randy Stodola

The Zarkons are the continuation of The Alley Cats, perhaps less incisive but always of excellent quality!

rawkin' dog

here you can find the first album of The Alley Cats:, and here the second one:



  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac

  2. I have. No worse than Alley Cats. Meanwhile very expensive the lp.
    Heard the 1st Social Distortion today, best L. A. punk.
    A really good site you're doing there. Only one thing is a pity that there is only one entry per week.
    I received Electric Peace mosquitos from Italy yesterday. Unfortunately the lp was completely destroyed in transit.
    How are the others in the band ?

    1. I only post one album a week because it takes a long time to make a vinyl well and I'm also bringing all my vinyls to digital and then I'll sell most of those from the nineties ...
      The other two Electric Peace are almost as good as the first one, I recommend them.
      As for the vinyls by mail, I buy only on Discogs and only Mint and I warn the supplier that if it arrives and it's not Mint I'll give it a negative opinion (you have, by heart, 4 months to do it), you'll see what they think about it well before sending damaged goods! Every negative judgment penalizes them ...

    2. Thanks for the infos. The destroyed lp is also ordered via discogs. How annoying.

  3. I didn't know about this album, so thank you rawkin'dog.

    1. There is also an album from 1988 which I have never listened to.

    2. I don't know it either, but i don't think it's good.

    3. I listened to it on YiouTube, nothing special ...

  4. Got the Dangerhouse 2 cd yesterday and listened to it today. EXCELLENT.
    Nice that are have the same opinion here. Do you know if any of the bands
    represented here have made a whole lp that is recommendable apart from Alley Cats, X. Or do you know US punk bands generally that you can recommend ? Thank you in advance !!!!

    1. Almost all the bands present in the compilation have recorded octs, albums or anthologies can be found, furthermore I recommend Germs. and Cinecyde.

  5. Thank you ! I have Germs. Cinecyde i only have the first one. How are the others ? I recommend:
    The Gears - rockin at ground zero
    The D.I.s rare cuts as do-cd
    The Gizmos - 1976/1977 the studio recordings.

    1. Thank you! Cinecyde are not as beautiful as the first but ..., instead The Gears and The D.I.s I can't find anything to download. I downloaded a vinyl of The Gizmos, while the CD, like 99% of the format, is unlistenable for those who love cowards.

    2. Too bad you can't find a download. She is really very good !! But you know your away around and are well informed.


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