The Things - Outside My Window – 1986 -US - Alternative Rock, Power Pop, Psychedelic Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Lolita - 5047


A1 . Things (2) – Outside My Window 5:13
A2 . Things (2) – Can't Get Enough 2:54
A3 . Things (2) – Love Is Gone 3:42
A4 . Things (2) – Take The Chance 4:23
A5 . Things (2) – Everytime 4:28
B1 . Things (2) – All Work And No Play 4:38
B2 . Things (2) – You Can't Deliver 4:15
B3 . Things (2) – Look What You're Doing 3:38
B4 . Things (2) – I've Been Nowhere 3:14
B5 . Things (2) – Young And Wild 2:22

Second album for this magnificent band! Released only on vinyl, although the CD is present on Discogs but from the notes it is clear that it does NOT exist.

The first can be found here:


rawkin' dog

First album:



  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac

  2. Both of their albums are great! Thanks for posting.

    1. I also love the first two very much, but maybe I prefer the third and last one, they are more rock!

  3. Thanks again Bro!, another Band unknown to me..Marc from Orst

  4. Hi rawkin' dog, many thanks for second album, excellent.

  5. I have this great LP, but the cover is different and the last song (Young And Wild) it's about 6min. long. I remember i've buy it in Greece.
    Thanks an keep the good work.

    1. Thank you! True, but for me they are two different songs, the title of the one in my post is without the final letter and, but on the label the time of the other editions is indicated, the Voxx is also like the Greek. Lolita made a bit of a mess


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