The Philisteins - Bloody Convicts - 1988 - Australia - Garage Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Greasy Pop Records - GPR 142


A1 - The Philisteins - Early Morning Memory 2:11
Written-By – Guy Lucas, Proudlock
A2 - The Philisteins - You Must Be A Witch 2:32
Written-By – Fred Cole
A3 - The Philisteins - Cerebral Pause 3:09
Written-By – Guy Lucas, Aydn Hibberd
A4 - The Philisteins - Bite The Bullet 3:03
Written-By – Guy Lucas
B1 - The Philisteins - Cul De Sac 3:16
Written-By – Guy Lucas 
B2 - The Philisteins - Could It Be Me 1:52
Written-By – Guy Lucas, Aydn Hibberd, Scott Harrison (7)
B3 - The Philisteins - Peppermint 3:15
Written-By – Guy Lucas
B4 - The Philisteins - Apeshit Metal Locusts (Eating A City) 1:47
Written-By – The Philisteins

One of the best mini albums ever released! Only 21 minutes, but superfine quality and then I love this format!

rawkin' dog

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  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac

  2. Big cyber hugs , great shit! thank you so much .. Your rips sound gorgeous.. best regards to you... Marc from Orstralia

  3. Hey Rawkin dog .. a few years ago i posted the Missing Links an Aussie garage band on a private blog , the complete 1965-6 sessions (a raw vinyl rip- 16-44) links are still alive if You dont have it its essential .., i know youll love it! best regards brother, Marc from Orstralia!.....!ZJHjAQR2AwyzZwL4MzR5Mwp2ZwN4MJc1ZUNmsv4grxgsIJRjMD==

    1. Thank's my friend! I have the album reissued on Raven but not the 7" and I didn't even know that Sundazed had reissued them, a great label that loves the MONO sound as much as I do! Now I hear it!

    2. Rawkin Dog Bro, my pleasure .. and if You see fit feel free to post "the missing links" (its already out of print) on the front page thanks again for Your well chosen shares , and the introduction to many unknown bands.. best wishes to you , Marc

    3. Hi Marc, thanks but to post an album I wait at least ten years after its last release, they closed my YouTube channel with over 10,000 songs and I don't want to take unnecessary risks, I also have two bans from Mega, also because I still have at least a hundred albums for Bordel. See you soon.


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