Kissing Spell - Los Pajaros – 1970 - Chile - Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock - CD - flac - Essex Records (2) – 1010CD – 1995


1 Kissing Spell Los Pajaros 7:48
2 Kissing Spell Yellow Moon 2:19
3 Kissing Spell Gente 3:11
4 Kissing Spell In This World 3:15
5 Kissing Spell Valle Del Tiempo 2:39
6 Kissing Spell Cerraron Sus Ojos 2:19
7 Kissing Spell Tears Of A Chord 4:33
8 Kissing Spell Jim And The Blind Man 2:11
9 Kissing Spell Sueno O Realidad 2:45
10 Kissing Spell Shotgun's World 2:26
11 Kissing Spell Muchacha Dorada 3:43

Another very rare masterpiece. Late sixties, early seventies, some incredible albums have been released in South America, this is one of them!

Dig it!
rawkin' dog


  1. my own cd rip - flac

    1. Hello, something went wrong. "Kissing Spell" contains the tracks from "Night Shadow". Also good trakcs :-). Many thanks a wish you a wonderful week. Nice greetings from Germany from Max.

    2. Oooops, sorry! Thank you Max, cheers!
      New link:

    3. Many thanks and keep rocking.

  2. Great album rawkin' dog, cheers mate.

  3. Hi. Thanks for posting.

    I remember back in the day buying some CDs of South American Psych in a specialist shop and considering this one plus one of Traffic Sound and one of Laghonia. Unfortunately Kissing Spell lost out and it was gone by the next visit. All three are great acts by the way but Virgin is a particular favourite.

    1. I also bought all the South Americans about 30 years ago, but I can't find Laghonia anymore ...

    2. @rawkin' dog
      "but I can't find Laghonia anymore ..."
      Do you want me to post them?
      If so, choose FLAC or mp3 (FYI all from CD source)

    3. Thanks, but I'm looking for the same one I had, 1993 Background Records edition, the following CDs sound awful, for deaf

    4. @rawkin' dog
      You know there are three albums (five if you include We All Together): Glue, Etcetera and Unglue. The last named a collection of unreleased material. Mine are reissues on respectively, Lazarus, Lazarus and Psychedelic Archives.
      I acknowledge the poor sound on many of these archive reissues. The worst offender in my experience Traffic Sound Lux CD on Get Back. That is really bad and especially annoying as I bought the CD to upgrade from a, frankly far better sounding, mp3 set (ripped I assume from the Lazarus reissue). Worse, Get Back is an official label. They must have had tin ears.
      In the case you mention, I thought "Background Records" were one of those semi-legal labels: if so I could forgive them if they did a bad transfer. So when I discover theirs is better than the official reissue, it makes me mad. I hope you find it and post it.

    5. Laghonia will be 10 years that I don't find it, sooner or later I order it on Discogs ...


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