Vietnam Veterans - In Ancient Times - 1986 - France - Garage Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Music Maniac Records - MM 003



A1 - Vietnam Veterans - Let It Rain 2:39
A2 - Vietnam Veterans - Ancient Times 3:40
A3 - Vietnam Veterans - Curanderos 3:07
A4 - Vietnam Veterans - Everywhere Is My Nation 5:47
A5 - Vietnam Veterans - Run Baby Run 4:26
B1 - Vietnam Veterans - Tower Of Babel 2:41
B2 - Vietnam Veterans - Three Months Every Year 3:35
B3 - Vietnam Veterans - Wrinkle Drawer 3:20
B4 - Vietnam Veterans - Next Year 4:21
B5 - Vietnam Veterans - Crooked Dealers 3:55
B6 - Vietnam Veterans - Safety Razors 2:40

Fourth album by the French band, never reissued in CD format.
Yet another masterpiece that has gone unnoticed, or of which the few who had tasted it at the time of its release, have forgotten

rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac

  2. Thank you - but the album you have linked to is the Vietnam Veterans live 2LP, 'Green Peas'

    1. ha ha ha, sorry:

  3. A real gem !.. I Haven't heard this band before, this is stunning thank You, and the sentiments of the lyrics resonate in these times of , War mongering , shit fuckery , and grotesque corruption of so called democracy.. it feels like an authoritarian era beginning or maybe the end of civilization , and right here on this blog we have the soundtrack to this infernal shitstorm , real music a real balm for the soul.. hugs to you.. marc from Orstralia

    1. True, they were very good, very personal.
      On the blog you can also find the previous album and soon I'll post the double live too, Green Peas!
      I ask you a favour, if possible: I can't download an album from Italy that they say is very good and so I could put a working link back to an old post: You could do it for me and then upload it to another site like Mega, also provisionally, or Wetransfer. Thanks in any case.
      Daybreakers_ History Of Eastern Iowa Rock Vol.1(LP-1967-71-flac](1985) Link : Enjoy my friend.

      PS. in Italy it's been over 3 years that 99% have been under slavery, but most of them don't realize it ...

    2. Brother Dawg , I'll do that for You now , one problem though is that the files have a password i downloaded it yesterday .. but i can't open the files , i dont have the pass..anyhow i never went to his blog , perhaps you have the past the mega link will be under your latest post .. cheers Marc

    3. Marc thank you very much my friend! I downloaded it this morning but didn't have time to reply to you. The password is chico.


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