Purple Overdose - The Salmon's Trip Live - Double Album - 2001 - Greece - Acid Rock, Psychedelic Rock - vinyl 16-48 - flac - Onion Music (2) - OLP # 10S1.1-2



A1 - Purple Overdose (2) - Orange Journey         12:39
A2 - Purple Overdose (2) - (It's A) Fortune Teller         11:55
B1 - Purple Overdose (2) - Fading Sound Of Lost Thoughts 13:39
B2 - Purple Overdose (2) - Golden Eyes          8:33
C1 - Purple Overdose (2) - Chase The Color         13:56
C2 - Purple Overdose (2) - Rooby Go Round 10:42
D1 - Purple Overdose (2) - Sail On Your Wings 4:53
D2 - Purple Overdose (2) - Solemn Visions         14:23

A live double of rare beauty, nothing to envy to the live works of bands belonging to the Olympus of rock history, such as Yessongs, Made In Japan, Uriah Heep Live, The Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East, Live / Dead, much to name a few, to highlight the level of live music of this band!
There is a CD version of this album, with an alien sound, always with 8 songs, but only Sail On Your Wings is identical, the others are a different version of (It's A) Fortune Teller and 6 totally different songs.

rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac


    1. Thanks immensely Rawkin` Dog! as i`ve no job and no money to spend , your posts are a life saver.. all best for XMAs and 2022.

    2. Thanks! I'm sorry that you are out of work, but you will see that you find it!

    3. Hi Rawkin` Dog, would appreciate some help 2 albums released bySvart if possible to upload if you have them.
      Orfeus ‎– Pop Liisa 15
      Hasse Walli · Zeus - Pop-Liisa 16
      Many thanks for help and hope you have great xmas and 2022 season!!


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