Louis Tillett - Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell - 1987 - Australia - Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Alternative Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Citadel (7) - CITLP 509


A1 - Louis Tillett - Trip To Kalu-ki-bar 4:11

Soprano Saxophone – Diane Spence

A2 - Louis Tillett - Duet In Blue Minor 5:25

Trumpet – Alan Hunt

Vocals – Mary-Ellen Stringer

A3 - Louis Tillett - Swimming In The Mirror 3:19

Arranged By – Louis Tillett, Nick Fisher (2)

Backing Vocals – Mary-Ellen Stringer

Guitar [Additional] – Penny Ikinger

A4 - Louis Tillett - Dream Well 4:53

Arranged By – Charlie Owen, Penny Ikinger

Guitar [Additional] – Penny Ikinger

Lyrics By, Music By – Louis Tillett, Penny Ikinger

B1 - Louis Tillett - Voluntary Slavery 3:19

Lyrics By – Egotrippers From Hell, Roland Kirk

Music By – Roland Kirk

Vocals, Percussion – Egotrippers From Hell

B2 - Louis Tillett - On Your Way Down 3:01

Lyrics By, Music By – Allen Toussaint

B3 - Louis Tillett - Persephone's Dance 3:37

Arranged By – Jeffrey Wegener, Louis Tillett

Tenor Saxophone – Diane Spence

B4 - Louis Tillett - Dead End Street In The Lucky Country 7:01

Backing Vocals – Mary-Ellen Stringer

Lyrics By – Louis Tillett, Rodney Howard (2)

Trumpet – Alan Hunt

Absolutely one of the albums I love the most!

It was the subject of my first post in vinyl, about 8 years ago, a crap, on an Australian blog which unfortunately I don't remember the name and in any case the site has been closed for years, which I am very sorry.
I tried looking for it on the web, but I can't even find it in CD ...
A wonderful album with a unique and inimitable sound, with the superb voice of Louis, who sometimes duets with Penny Iskinger.
Part of me from the first listening that took place shortly after its release in 1987.
While The Beatles bullshit their fans with the reissue of a toilet like Let It Be, just two good songs, turning over half an hour of discard into 5 CDs that sound like shit, for about 400 minutes of totally useless stuff , artists like Louis and Plan 9 are relegated to a small audience through their mouthwatering bandcamps and even on YouTube no one claims the rights.

About Plan 9 I uploaded the new rip of this wonder: http://bordeldorock.blogspot.com/2017/12/plan-9-plan-9-1984-vinyl-16-48-new-rose.html

Go visit: https://louistillett.bandcamp.com/music

Dig it!
rawkin' dog



  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac


    1. Hi Rawkin` Dog. not heard this before. will look through stores here and will listen if found. all best xmas and have good healthy 2022.

    2. Look that the link to download it works correctly, I had specified that it is not found as I normally do not post material released on CD. Happy holiday wishes to you too!

  2. This album is a masterpiece rawkin' dog, thanks mate and have yourself a merry christmas!


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