Various Artists - The Rubble Collection 5 - cd - 1992 (not remastered shit) - Psychedelic Rock, Pop Rock - cd - flac - Bam-Caruso Records – RUBBLE CD 5


1 Norman Conquest– Upside Down

2 Jason Crest– A Place In The Sun

3 Dantalian's Chariot– The Madman Running Through The Fields

4 Sharon Tandy & Les Fleur De Lys– Daughter Of The Sun

5 Mashmakhan– When We Are Free

6 Mike Stuart Span– Children Of Tomorrow

7 Methuselah– High In The Tower Of Coombe

8 Serendipity (3)– I'm Flying

9 Second Hand– The World Will End Yesterday

10 Dragonfly (6)– Celestial Empire

11 Peter And The Blizzards– You Know That I'll Be There

12 Group 1850– Mother No-Head

13 The Tower– Slow Motion Mind

14 The Outsiders (5)– Do You Feel Alright

15 Sharks & Me– Buses

16 Short '66– Good Weekend

17 The Motions– Wedding Of The Hundred Brides

18 Sandy Coast– Back To The City

19 The Zipps– Lotus Love

20 The Bumble Bees– Girl Of My Kind

21 The Young Ones (7)– Mini Minnie

22 St. Giles's System– Swedish Tears

23 Q65– So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall

24 Supersister (2)– A Girl Named You

25 Les Baroques– Such A Cad


This is my favorite volume of the series as it contains almost all volume 9 of the vinyl series (only the Golden Earring song is missing), all dedicated to the Dutch sound from 1966 to 1969, a genre that has fascinated me since I was around thirty years ago I bought the entire Pebbles series from AIP Records, whose volume 15 was titled The Continent Lashes Back! The Netherlands 1965 - 1968..

rawkin' dog


  1. my own cd rip - flac

    1. Hey rawkin' dog. I have all of the rubble on vinyl, purchased these when they first came out but I don't have a turntable at this time. I have heard of people complaining after these volumes were remastered (saying they were crap). I think these are compressed for mp3 players, why do they do that, it just ruines the sound.

    2. Hi Hotroder, I'll tell you what I think of the remastered: as far as vinyls are concerned, in my opinion they practically do not affect anything, the original defects are always there, to which are added the printing defects since there are toxic materials that can no longer use, however someone manages to make good products like up to the eighties, which weighed nothing but sounded better ..., CDs instead take the sound and exasperate it at maximum power without taking into account anything, with Magix I could also do it but ... I'm not crazy ..., even in this case there are labels that do a great job but they are very few.

  2. Thanks, bro! Superior sound quality!

  3. Many thanks rawkin' dog. It's great to have these tracks as they were originally done. Keep up your great resource!

  4. Hi rawkin' dog, many thanks for the volume 5. Good sound.

    1. Hi Phil, did you see that on the blog there are also the other 4 volumes and volume 7 on vinyl, which is missing in this series by Bam Caruso?

    2. i have downloaded the first 4 volumes here, but i don't have the vol. 7, i will download, many thanks again.

  5. Many thanks RD! Great line up in this comp

  6. The RAR file seems to be missing two tracks, 8 and 11

    8 Serendipity (3)– I'm Flying

    11 Peter And The Blizzards– You Know That I'll Be There

    surprised no-one else has mentioned it, nothing seems to be wrong at my end.

    Really glad you've posted these, long time rubble fan (and re-issue disliker) here.

    1. You are absolutely right! I'm sorry, I don't understand what could have happened.

      Nuovo link:


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