Love - Love Live - (Recorded at the Whiskey A Go Go on October 20, 1978.) - 1982 - US - Psychedelic Rock - vinyl 16-48 - flac - Line Records - 6.25 047, Line Records - 6.25 047 AP, Line Records - LLP 5153 AP



A1 - Love - My Little Red Book 3:25
A2 - Love - Orange Skies 3:53
A3 - Love - Old Man 3:04
A4 - Love - Keep On Shining 6:26
B1 - Love - 7 & 7 Is 3:01
B2 - Love - Signed D.C. 5:03
B3 - Love - Good Times 4:38
B4 - Love - Singing Cowboy 3:31

A real wonder! This version has the first 2 tracks different from the Rhino Recors picture disc of the same year, while the 2009 reissue in CD format includes them all but I don't even want to listen to it as it will sound alien to me.
One of the best but underrated bands in the history of music.

I did the rip with a different program than usual, I hope it goes well, it seems to me the usual sound.


rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16.48 - flac

  2. Sounds o.k. Good one rawkin' dog, I don't have this so thank you.

    1. Unlike you I passed on the cheaper Line version and instead bought the unplayable Rhino Picture Disc. No pic discs had decent reproduction, and this was no exception. Hence I was glad to get the CD when it came out. In case your readers are interested, here is the CD version. Thanks for your post Rawkin's Dog. I am downloading as I type so will compare in due course.

    2. Picure discs sound bad, you are absolutely right. Regarding the 2009 reissue, thank you! The sound is just, my slightly "pumped", maybe the CDs always sounded as good as this one from Love!


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