Out Of Darkness - Out Of Darkness - 1970 - England - Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Little Wing of Refugees - LW 2008 - 1989


A1 Us 0:56
Composed By – Wray Powell
A2 Thank You Lord 3:15
Composed By – Tony Goodman
A3 On Solid Rock 4:00
Composed By – Tony Goodman, Wray Powell
A4 Wings Of The Morning 3:32
Composed By – Wray Powell
A5 Moses 2:49
Composed By – Tony Goodman, Wray Powell
A6 Lemonade And Peanuts 2:42
Composed By – Tony Goodman
A7 Closing In On Me 4:13
Composed By – Wray Powell
B1 Who Is To Blame 3:19
Composed By – Tony Goodman, Wray Powell
B2 Hustle Bustle 2:26
Composed By – Tony Goodman
B3 Dreamaway - Stevie's Song 3:15
Composed By – Wray Powell
B4 There You See A Stranger 3:49
Composed By – Wray Powell
B5 Homeland 5:18
Composed By – Tony Goodman
B6 Light 3:55
Composed By – Tony Goodman, Wray Powell

A great masterpiece that I suppose needs no introduction!

Dig it!
rawkin' dog

here's Out Of Darkness - The Celebration Club Session: https://bordeldorock.blogspot.com/2021/03/out-of-darkness-celebration-club.html


CD 2007



  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac


    1. thanks for the magnificence wow what a killer ... lovely sounding rip too

  2. hi
    do u want to exchange blog links?

    I ran the old blackwalls1 site. (We exchanged links but blackwalls1 is now gone.)

    my new site is: https://blackwalls2.blogspot.com/

    if u decide to add me to your bloglist I will see in my stats and add u to my bloglist..

    no probs if u dont want to.

    1. Hi, if you tell me how to do it, I gladly do it! Cheers!

    2. 1. Log in to blogger
      2. click on 'Layout'
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      5.in the window, click on 'Add to List'.
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      7.click 'Add'
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      hope that helps

    3. hi
      thank you for your great work!
      please check the files with audiochecker most are mpeg not lossless

    4. Sei italiano? You are welcome! I don't know what this audiochecker is ..., but I guarantee you that the vinyls are all recorded 32 / 48,000 and then converted to flac, CDs instead to wav and then to flac ...

    5. Hi rawkin dog.
      Given Hulk's comment, I did a check with Cool Edit Pro using the spectral view method to check the wav.
      As you would expect, there is a dissipation of strength the higher the frequency. However an mp3 source has either a clear cut off somewhere between 16k-18k or else displays a concentrated band in the same region. Neither is present in the first three tracks from this release and data goes up to 24k.
      I judge them not sourced from mp3.
      I'm not convinced by audiochecker. It does give false positives and I believe it has done so in this case.

    6. Hi JohnM, thank you! After replying to the Hulk that I think he is an old friend, I remembered that many years ago I had talked about the audiochecker with a friend and he too had told me that the answer could never be sure. Anyway I keep all the wav, made with Audacity 48.000 Htz 32-bit float and they weigh about 400/450 mb each side.
      It could also be the step I do with Magix to clean the disturbing noises of a radio source causing the problem detected by audiochecker ... Cheers!

    7. great job , great lp, great rip..thank you so much for all nice music you sharing! maybe you have a vinyl rip AFTER TEA - AFTER 1969 ?
      all the best

    8. Thanks Panos! Unfortunately, After Sea is very rare but the 2014 CD sounds very good (VERY STRANGE ..)


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