The Underneath (2) - Sun Of '67 - 1994 - US - Psychedelic Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Rockadelic Records - RRLP 14.5



A1 Walk Or Crawl 5:21
A2 Look Into The Sun 4:31
A3 Sun Of '67 5:17
A4 Ratskull Blues 3:56
A5 Home 4:11
B1 A Dream Surreal/Against The Wall 6:57
B2 Find The Light 2:50
B3 River's Edge 3:39
B4 Screamin' Tequila Blues 5:45

A small masterpiece of psychedelia not to be missed at all.

When I bought it in 1994 I thought it was a band, see the title, from 1967, but as soon as I put the needle on the turntable I realized that the music was very current.

Praise to the label Rockadelic Records that has always done an excellent job discovering hidden masterpieces, but also producing some great new bands like The Underneath and Fish Eye Lens (


rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac

    1. Hi... I am searching for a tune... I can sing it a bit,

    2. You have to download the record, my YouTube channel is closed for copyright infringement ..

  2. Oh my...! 10 years ago, i looked long and hard for this just to end up with a low bitrate copy, yet i was so damn pleased to hear it, now that rarity is here and "Flac" available?! what a sweeet treat. I love you man, and i love your dedication to support and promote (i'll say 'promote' twice) the underrated long forgotten Psychedelia scene. Thank you very very much, your collection never ceases to amaze me through all these years.. Keep rawkin'
    Best Regards.

    1. Thank you! What else can I say. Anyway, I still have hundreds of albums to post, but I don't have time and, in a while, space on Mega ...

  3. Hundreds ?! ok you asked for it bro!! XD So.. anything that goes under the following labeling will be highly appreciated:
    Delerium, Rockadelic , Voxx, Flying Nun, P.S.F. ,Music Maniac, Stono, Midnight Records...and ..what's the name of that band im sure you've already heard of , ah.."Dimentia 13".. lol.
    Sorry for "stretching that far" ;) i'm positive most of these may already meet your center of interest. About mega, 50gb is obviously way off your collection, maybe switching to Soulseek like many bloggers did, or Telegram..i dont't know what's best, one thing for sure, you won't worry about storage space, you only need a Big HDD ..xd
    Anyway, Thank you very much once again , your efforts sharing are always appreciated, and i still have some more lame quality album to upgrade thanks to your lossless files, blessed .

    1. I don't have Dementia 13, you try asking for names and if I can ... Thanks for the tips for the "clouds"!


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