Toad (4) - Rarities - CD - 1992 - Switzerland - Hard Rock - flac - Aurophon - CD AU 32111


1 Rockin' & Lovin' 3:51
2 Slow Down 2:52
3 Behind The Wheels 3:36
4 I Ain't Got Time 3:16
5 Everybody's Baby 4:14
6 Makin' Groupies Happy 2:10
7 Tonight 4:05
8 Baby You 3:26
9 Makin' You Feel Right 2:59
10 Music 3:45
11 I Got Enough Of You 2:38
12 Purple Haze
Music By, Lyrics By – Jimi Hendrix
13 Usin' My Life 3:04
14 Gimme Little Money 2:28

An interesting collection for this excellent band, here in the hard rock / glam version, a pity that the recording dates are not known.

A record that in my opinion deserves more than a listen.


rawkin' dog


  1. my own cd rip - flac!e0pGFSrS!0K3S1_0RJw3T263CqDXRrC31kflt5BUaUuvUUOoQjSU

  2. Thanks so much, rd!! I am a huge fan of Toad. :D

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    1. I don't understand why I don't get your comments, boh, I'm getting you the second CD of Woodcocks


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