Toiling Midgets - Sea Of Unrest - CD - 1982 - US - Punk, Post Rock - flac - Fist Puppet - FIST-016 - 1993


1 Destiny 2:47
2 Trauma Girl 3:06
3 Late Show 3:59
4 Microage 2:32
5 Wishful Thinking 5:31
6 All The Girls Cry 2:16
7 DJMC 2:22
8 Shooting Gallery 3:32
9 Again 2:22
10 Big Surprise 3:22
11 Sea Of Unrest 3:08

from Discogs: San Francisco band that was a sort of post-punk "super group" featuring Ricky Williams (Crime (2) & Sleepers (4)) - vocals, Craig Gray (Negative Trend) - guitar, Paul Hood - guitar, Tim Mooney (Sleepers (4)) - drums, Johnathan Henrickson - bass.

The group sort-of morphed out of the final line-up of Negative Trend after Will and Steve left and eventually formed Flipper.

Ricky Willams was a major influence for Mark Eitzel, who sang on their 3rd album. Tom Mallon, their producer and eventual drummer, produced and drummed for American Music Club. Tim Mooney became a studio owner and producer and later drummed for AMC in an arcane sort of wife-swapping deal with Mallon.

Truly a very personal sound, not to be missed!

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  1. my own cd rip - flac!CoJwjQrJ!6w2urSHROINIK6_aa5_AG0ui3Bl-75JvI6bhgZcCfOs

  2. One of my favorite albums of all time. Gary (Nervo) Mollica brought it to my house back in 1983 when he was visiting back in Connecticut. Nobody sounded like these guys; they were champions of the "Drone & Screech".


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