Various Artists – Songs Plan 9 Taught Us - the covers of the band - US - Garage Rock - flac -. from CDs - compiled and remastered by rawkin' dog


1 I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye Others (The) (8)
2 How Many Times Rovin' Flames (The)
3 I Can Only Give You Everything Little Boy Blues (The)
4 I'm Not There Lil' Boys Blue
5 Move State Of Mind (35)
6 Flashback Silk Winged Alliance
7 Frustration Painted Ship (The)
8 I've Got To Keep On Pushing Human Beinz (The)
9 It´s Just One Thing To Say Riddles (The)
10 Five Years Ahead Of My Time Third Bardo (The)
11 Where Is Love Shyres (The)
12 Looking At You MC5
13 Machines Lothar & The Hand People
14 Keep Your Cool Terry & The Chain Reaction

On October 1st, in everyone's indifference, as happened to Timothy Gassen a short time ago, a great artist, Eric Stumpo, leader, singer, guitarist and composer of Plan 9 left us.

To remember it, I prepared by remastering it, on the contrary ..., given the redundancy of these CDs that infest the market paired with the phantoms ... High Res (24-192), this compilation that includes all the covers included in the Plan albums 9.
The versions of the band make the originals pale therefore, given the beauty of the same, they magnify even more the value of this band, for me one of the best all-time.
Of I Can Only Give You Everything I preferred to insert the version of The Little Boy Blues, which was also a cover, Machines instead I find the cover of Lothar & The Hand People more appropriate to the inspiration of Paln 9.

Shine forever my friend and you will always be part of my heart.

rawkin' dog


  1. taken from various CDs - flac!ip4mwYBY!CQDrML0pCJZYJKl7vZYbcwfHENPp8dzKsAE-n0ZqXFA

    1. Thanx for this nice compilation of songs covered by the legendary Plan 9. It was a shock when I heard that Eric had passed away. He was not in good health when I saw him last in 2017, on stage at their induction ceremony to the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame, but he still sounded good.

  2. Hi Ugo,
    I try to download your compilation but I cannot extract your link,,I think your link is wrong?Thanks for your help my friend.

    1. Hi Chris, I tried to download it even now, but does it work, maybe a temporary Mega problem? jazzpunk has done it so I hope so, let me know my friend

  3. Hi,
    I try a few time and I cannot open it .Doesn't matter have a good time and thanks for your other beautifull post here.


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