T2 - Second Bite - 1992 - UK - Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock - CD - flac - World Wide Records (7) - SPM-WWR-CD-0033


1 Highway 3:16
2 Questions And Answers 5:17
3 Out On The Street 4:27
4 Early Time 3:34
5 Careful Sam 6:22
6 And Time 4:01
7 The Minstrel 7:47
8 Losing Your Way 4:17
9 Age 2 Age 22:29

I am re-cataloging my vinyl / Cds letter "T" and I found many interesting things that I have never seen on the web.

Certainly these T2 don't look like those of their absolute masterpiece It'll All Work Out In Boomland dated 1970, but the sound is much more "modern", I prefer a reunion with a totally new sound than the usual recycling of certain excellent corpses.
A really nice album released only for the merit World Wide Records aka SPM.

Try it and comment!

rawkin' dog


  1. my own cd rip - flac


    1. Really? So why did you ask about an opinion? Again: awful sound , especially drumming sounds like computer programming, cheap pop melodies and boring vocal. Waste of time.

    2. I repeat, get out of the balls. old fool

  2. Very pleasant music, thank you very much !


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