Tony Hill - Playing For Time - 1990 - UK - Rock - CD - flac - World Wide Records (7) - SPM-WWR-CD 0016


1 Indecision
2 So Long Ahead (1977)
3 Turkey Trails
4 Crying Wolf Again
5 Synchrosonic (1989)
6 Dream Beam
7 No One At All
8 Dandilly Maigret
9 Playing For Time
10 Coming Off The Tracks
11 Jacqueline
12 Things We Said
13 Girl In The Doorway
14 You've Got Something On His Mind

recorded 1975 except as indicated

From now on I will often post CDs that I don't see on the net, maybe not absolute masterpieces, but always really interesting works.
This rare Tony Hill album, released only on SPM in 1990 is just right. 14 excellent songs, including some of excellent quality.
If you love Tony Hill and High Tide don't miss it, otherwise I guarantee you that it is never too late to enjoy these wonderful musicians.

Playing for time ...

rawkin' dog


  1. my own cd rip - flac!SgRkDIxR!Y3RxdYHRKdZdfPutxxGS3HWudsxl1oOXGwuY08U_Lac

  2. Minha mensagem natalina ao viralata 18 k late do nosso rockbom boom bomba
    ficamos na porta da percepção do bordel, que juntamente ou togethermente com
    o muro e com o fissura, são os mais especiais blogues tupãniquins.
    Long long time !!!

  3. Many thanks. I have the first two High Tide releases but didn't know about this solo effort.


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