The Marshmallow Overcoat - The Baroque Sound Of Thee Marshmallow Overcoat - 1995 - US - Garage Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Misty Lane Records - MISTY 021


A1 Our Love (Will Survive)
A2 Kiss The Tears
A3 Oceans From Home
A4 Summer's Lost
A5 Inside Tonight
A6 The Mummy
A7 Echoes In Time
A8 Tomorrow Today
B1 Beverly Pepper
B2 1000 Years Ago
B3 I Love The Time
B4 When It's Dark
B5 Suddenly Sunday
B6 Out Of Our Minds
B7 Barely Seen You
B8 Carnival Of Souls

Producer – Timothy Gassen
Written-By – Timothy Gassen

On the night between November 30th and December 1st, BIG Timothy Gassen, leader of The Marshmallow Overcoat and of The Purple Merkins, left us and I cried a lot especially listening to the opening song of this compilation of unparalleled beauty. a listening companion for over 30 years, one of my all-time favorite bands.

On their bancamp you can find a multitude of delights at reasonable prices: and also on that of Massimo Del Pozzo's Mysty Lane, the label of this jewel and dozens of others: https: //

R.I.P. my dear friend, rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!CtYkkKhY!8TKdZ70rMUrtoJYmHh9sndz_G1A_dlWVSOBzwriKlZg

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