The Slickee Boys - Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi - 1983 - US - Garage Rock, Indie Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - New Rose Records - ROSE 33 - 1984

A1 Escalator 66 2'39"
    Written-By – Kim Kane, Marshall Keith
A2 You've Got What It Takes 3'40"
    Written-By – Mark Noone
A3 Life Of The Party 3'28"
    Written-By – Mark Noone
A4 When I Go To The Beach 2'43"
    Written-By – Mark Noone
A5 Pushin' My Luck 3'47"
    Written-By – Kim Kane, Mark Noone, Marshall Keith
A6 Invisible People 3'32"
    Written-By – R. Plummer
B1 Nagasaki Neuter 3'16"
    Written-By – Kim Kane, Marshall Keith
B2 Say Goodbye 3'03"
    Written-By – Mark Noone
B3 Time Spent Waiting 3'07"
    Written-By – Mark Noone, Marshall Keith
B4 The Crawling Hand 2'42"
    Written-By – Marshall Keith
B5 Pictures Of Matchstick Men 2'42"
    Written-By – F. Rossi
B6 Marble Orchard 6'01"
    Written-By – Kim Kane

I bought this wonderful LP in late 1985, early 1986 and it was love at first sight.
The garage rock of the eighties has always been badly criticized, instead I insist that the better products of this decade are 99% higher than those of two previous decades, with obvious exceptions such as 13th Floor Elevators, The Chocolate Watchband, The Moving Sidewalks and a few others that have resisted the wear and tear of time.
I also had to post the first album, Separate Vegetables from 1977 but I'm a little late ...

The unmissable, indispensable Slickee Boys!
Dig it!
rawkin 'dog

Many thanks to Dan Palenski, singer and drummer of the band, for allowing me to publish this post!

I highly recommend visiting their bandcamp where you can find all their splendid albums in digital format at really affordable prices:


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