A To Austr - A To Austr - 1970 - UK - Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental - CD - flac - Kissing Spell - KSG 002 - 1995


1 Bird
2 Judy
3 Mini
4 Prelude To Change For Arthur
5 Thumbquake & Earthscrew
6 Change For Arthur
7 Hawaiian War Chant
8 It's Alright
9 Continuum
10 Essex Queen (She Dances)
11 D Minor Minuet
12 A Curse On You
13 What Did You Go?
14 Grail Search
Bonus Tracks
15 Essex Queen (She Dances)
16 Grail Search

This is the first CD I put on bordel, I hope the label won't ban me ...

I found among my delights ... some albums originally by Holyground Records (http://www.holyground.co.uk/) that I have never seen on the net in flac including this A To Austr, Number Nine Bread Street - Same - 1967, Skybird - Summer Of '73 - 1974 all in CD format, but they sound very good as they were produced in the golden years of this format (1993-1996. then for me shit 99%) and the Blue Epitaph vinyl - Ode - 1974 (I saw this @ 320).

It is definitely not my thing, but I hope to do what friends of the blog do.

If the comments will be many and positive, I will post, with patience ..., the others too.

Dig it!

rawkin' dog


  1. my own cd rip - flac


    1. Hi
      I have a later version on Kissing Spell with 20 tracks (mp3 only).
      Oddly my version has 15 tracks on the original LP and 5 bonus tracks. cf 14+2
      Track 1-3 are the same but T4-7 (mine)=T4-6 (yours). It seems the track breaks are a bit different on the two releases (note original LP matches your CD) - see Discogs for detail. I assume that the "extra track" reflects some error or change of mind over the original LP.

    2. Hi,
      my cd has 17 real tracks, but I combined the 4 (11 seconds) and the 5 (2'47 ") because it was a mistake, so maybe even on your cd 15 but real 14


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