A To Austr - A To Austr - 1970 - UK - Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental - CD - flac - Kissing Spell - KSG 002 - 1995


1 Bird
2 Judy
3 Mini
4 Prelude To Change For Arthur
5 Thumbquake & Earthscrew
6 Change For Arthur
7 Hawaiian War Chant
8 It's Alright
9 Continuum
10 Essex Queen (She Dances)
11 D Minor Minuet
12 A Curse On You
13 What Did You Go?
14 Grail Search
Bonus Tracks
15 Essex Queen (She Dances)
16 Grail Search

This is the first CD I put on bordel, I hope the label won't ban me ...

I found among my delights ... some albums originally by Holyground Records (http://www.holyground.co.uk/) that I have never seen on the net in flac including this A To Austr, Number Nine Bread Street - Same - 1967, Skybird - Summer Of '73 - 1974 all in CD format, but they sound very good as they were produced in the golden years of this format (1993-1996. then for me shit 99%) and the Blue Epitaph vinyl - Ode - 1974 (I saw this @ 320).

It is definitely not my thing, but I hope to do what friends of the blog do.

If the comments will be many and positive, I will post, with patience ..., the others too.

Dig it!

rawkin' dog


  1. my own cd rip - flac


    1. Hi
      I have a later version on Kissing Spell with 20 tracks (mp3 only).
      Oddly my version has 15 tracks on the original LP and 5 bonus tracks. cf 14+2
      Track 1-3 are the same but T4-7 (mine)=T4-6 (yours). It seems the track breaks are a bit different on the two releases (note original LP matches your CD) - see Discogs for detail. I assume that the "extra track" reflects some error or change of mind over the original LP.

    2. Hi,
      my cd has 17 real tracks, but I combined the 4 (11 seconds) and the 5 (2'47 ") because it was a mistake, so maybe even on your cd 15 but real 14

  2. Dear rawkin' dog,
    I downloaded The Electric Banana Sessions just a few minutes ago and I should like to thank you before start listening to it. Unfortunately my Electric Banana LP is dead after some nice rock parties of the past. Thank you for giving me the chance to have it once again.
    I read above that you could upload the Number Nine Bread Street Compilation in wav format, as for the Electric Banana. Please, do it. It's so simply beautiful. Thanks again!

    1. Hi, for The Electric Banana Sessions you have to thank Nelwizard, as far as the Number Nine Bread Street compilation is concerned you have to wait for the next post, maximum two weeks, since tonight I have already scheduled https://www.discogs.com/Waiting-For-The-Sun-Waiting-For-The-Sun/release/5762389. Cheers!

    2. Yes, I wasn't attentive enough about the Electric Banana Sessions poster. I'll thank Nelwizard in the other page. I'll wait patiently for the Number Nine Bread Street compilation!!! If you can schedule, as well, the Blue Epitaph - Ode it would be great.
      I listened to it on YouTube and I thought "how much golden music was played those days".
      Finally, a blog for music loving people!!!

    3. Thank you! Blue Epitaph only on vinyl, but my rips sound better than almost all the CDs 😉, be patient, I'm not running away ...


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