Utopian Fields - Utopian Fields - 1989 - Norway - Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Colours (2) - COSLP 001 - my own vinyl rip


A1 ....Of A New Life 7:53
A2 Sun 7:33
A3 Wishful Thinking In The Garden Of Eden 7:40
B1 Cloudless Sulphur 9:54
B2 Metamorphosis, Sunrise Of God's Creation 12:10

Excellent! A real timeless masterpiece of Utopian Fields' debut and one that tells you that it was born musically with prog rock in 1973. Not a slight drop in tone, not even in the longest tracks, which is very rare in all musical genres.

Trust my taste!

Dedicated to Draculina :-)

rawkin' dog


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