The Wayward Souls - Painted Dreams - 1985 - Sweden - Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Rebel Rec. - Re 0015, Rebel Rec. - SPV 08-1842


A1 Back For More 2:42
A2 Girl In The Rain 3:10
A3 My Only Friend 3:20
A4 Build A Fire Inside 2:46
A5 Dance Of Love 2:44
A6 Are You Gonna Be There 4:47
B1 Painted Dreams 2:55
B2 Hard To Tell 2:57
B3 Silent Prayer 3:55
B4 Looking For You 2:22
B5 Ration Of Shakes 3:06
B6 I Can't Hear Their Voices 3:50

A small masterpiece made in Sweden this debut of The Wayward Souls, published only on vinyl, a sound that reminds me of the Australian one, that I worship to the madness, of the wonderful second half of the eighties!

rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!Hx5VBC7Z!PMVuxnibfFx5Oyzgv1ZrDwTxYzmMUg_NZ1eRq8-OQFU

  2. Hi, rawkin' dog! What happened to that "ozrock story" you promised to post? Don't tell me you quit the idea, it was an absolutely wonderful one!

  3. the problem is the record companies that don't ban me through Blogger but via my free Mega account ... and I don't have the money for a premium, before 1985 it's almost all taboo, I'll start with Olympic Sideburns - The Olympic Sideburns - 1985 New Rose Records - ROSE 60, New Rose Records - R. 60, New Rose Records - free 5, then The Spikes, Lizard Train etc. On the program: Plan 9 - Frustration, Utopian Fields - Same, Tell.Tale Hearts, Hoods, Thanes.

  4. Don't forget Porcelain Bus, please!

  5. Respostas
    1. I am very pleased, I also have the second album sooner or later I will post that too


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