Sume - Sumut (1973 Greenland, great psychedelic/progressive folk-rock) Flac

Perhaps this is one of the most known 70s Greenlandic band outside of Greenland. However their first album still protects its mystery and in my opinion their first album is their best. Somewhere it says "Sume's LP was an overwhelming success. In a very short time it was sold nearly 10,000 times to Greenland's 50,000 inhabitants. However, while Sume was the face of the old Greenlandic Renaissance, the people's rediscovery of their own culture and the grafting of that culture on to the wild beast of Rock'n'Roll, Nuuk Posse represents the new Greenland.
01.Nye tider- 3:23
02.Forår- 3:14
03.Forventning/ankomst- 5:25
04.Den første bid af sælen- 1:38
05.Kravle ind i mit indre- 3:04
06.Uro- 3:10
07.Bekymring- 2:41
08.Ode til Heimaey- 4:32
09.Ildvand- 4:39
10.Efterår- 5:50
11.Telegrafen er død- 3:37


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