James Cotton Blues Band - Taking Care of Business (1970 us; amazing Chicago Blues) vinyl Flac

This is a straight up terrific recording of James Cotton at the height of his power. Produced by 23 year old Todd Rundgren, this 1970 recording features a monster lineup of guitarists including Rundgren, Johnny Winter, Mike Bloomfield, Rick Derringer, Danny Korchmar & Matt Murphy. There are contributions from the Butterfield band horns (Dave Sanborn, Gene Dinwiddie & Steve Madaio) and the drums are N.D. Smart and Richie Hayward. 

The tunes include Kortchmar's "Sky is Falling" and a rip-roaring "Kiddy Boy" (which features Cotton's "Creeper" instrumental break), a Dylan blues (Long Distance Operator) and a sparse and powerful "She Moves Me" (Muddy Waters) that features acoustic slide by Johnny Winter.

Cotton went on to establish one of the most potent bar-bands in history (with Matt Murphy, Kenny Johnson & Charles Calmese). But this was probably the high water mark for his studio work. Cotton continued to be an amazing live performer right up until his passing at the age of 81 in 2017. His spirit communicates in ways that no recording will ever really do justice.


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