Pinnacle (2) - Assassin - 1974 - UK - Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac- Little Wing Of Refugees - LW 2007 - 1990


A1 Assassin
A2 Time Slips By
A3 Cyborg
A4 Astral Traveller
B1 The Chase
B2 Thumb Screw
B3 The Ripper
B4 Bad Omen

A priceless masterpiece that needs no presentation. Just a clarification: the very rare original vinyl from 1974 on Stag Music is titled Assasin, but it is an obvious printing error as the correct English word appears on the labels.
Instead the label Little Wing Of Refugees, known by me with this reprint of Pinnacle, deserves further study.
Founded in 1988 with the reissue of the excellent homonymous 1972 album by the German band Da Capo, it has reissued around forty titles, almost all of them in vinyl, some of the true whales (double, triple, quadruple, quintuple) including also 8 CDs of excellent quality, incredible rarities, with completely different covers than the original ones, but they all look like works of art.
Almost everything was reprinted in CD in the 2000s but with a sound alien to me.
If anyone wants some vinyl rip of this UNIQUE label, just ask, and be patient. I only miss Mushroom (but I have the Kublai Khan Records version of 1989, the quadruple Necronomicon (I downloaded from ru, mediocre) and the Orange Wedge 2xLP (which I would like to have since the reprints are not for me.
In my opinion, this Assassin sounds better than the 1994 and 1995 versions (the one in 2004 disgusts me), and of the 4 bonuses inserted in the aforementioned versions you can easily do without.
Assassin for me is the best reprint of LWOR and one of the pivotal albums of rock history.


Farmyard - Looking For A Place - 1991 Little Wing Of Refugees - LW 4016_17

Try it!

rawkin' dog

Little Wing Of refugees

Da Capo Da Capo ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, RE) LW 1001 1988
Human Instinct* Featuring Billy T.K.* Human Instinct 1969-1971 ‎(3xLP + Box, Comp, Ltd, Num, RM, Unofficial) LW 4002/3/4 1988
Space Farm Going Home To Eternity ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, RE) LW 4005 1989
Rufus Zuphall Weiß Der Teufel ‎(LP, RE) LW 1006 1989
Pinnacle (2) Assassin ‎(LP, Album, RE) LW 2007 1990
Out Of Darkness Out Of Darkness ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Pos) LW 2008 1989
Reaction (5) Reaction ‎(LP, Album, RE) LW 1009 1990
Necronomicon (3) Vier Kapitel ‎(4xLP, Album, Ltd, Num + Box) LW 1010/11/12/13 1990
The Human Instinct The Zodiac Years ‎(2xLP, Comp) LW 4014/15 1990
Farmyard Looking For A Place ‎(2xLP, Comp, Ltd, Num) LW 4016/17 1991
Think (4) Variety ‎(LP, Album, RE) LW 1018 1991
Terje, Jesper & Joachim Terje, Jesper & Joachim ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, RE) LW 5019 1991
Blues Addicts Blues Addicts ‎(LP, Num, RE, Cle) LW 5020 1991
Billy T.K.'s Powerhouse Life Beyond The Material Sky: The St. James Concert ‎(2xLP, Album) LW 4021/22 1991
Oho Vitamin Oho ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, Num) LW 3023 1991
I Drive I Drive ‎(2xLP, RE) LW 2024/25 1992
Ainigma Diluvium ‎(LP, RE, RM) LW 1026 1992
Mushroom (8) Early One Morning ‎(LP, RE + 7", Comp) LW 2027/28 1992
Ballyhoo (10) Ballyhoo ‎(10", MiniAlbum, Ltd) LW 1029 EXP 1992
Ballyhoo (10) Ballyhoo ‎(CD, MiniAlbum) LW 1030 EXP 1992
Ballyhoo (10) A Door In A Window ‎(CD, Album) LW 1031 EXP 1994
Pan (2) Pan (Album)  2 versions LW 5032 1993
Alrune Rod Alrune Rod ‎(LP, Album, RE) LW 5033 1993
Kahvas Jute Wide Open ‎(LP, Album, RE) LW 4034 1994
Rufus Zuphall Weiss Der Teufel ‎(CD, Album, RE) LW 1035 RP1 1994
Space Farm Going Home To Eternity ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM) LW 4036 RP2 1994
Rufus Zuphall Avalon And On ‎(4xLP, Album + 7", Single + Box, Ltd, Num) LW 1037/38/39/40/41 1993
Clark Hutchinson* Blues ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, Num) LW 2042 1994
Mushroom (8) Early One Morning ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, RE) LW 2043 RP3 1996
Oho Okinawa, 20th Anniversary Edition ‎(4x10" + Box, (ti) LW 3044/45/46/47 1994
Mammut Mammut ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, RE) LW 1048 1996
Necronomicon (3) Tips Zum Selbstmord ‎(CD, Album, RE) LW 1049 RP4 1996
Clark-Hutchinson Blues ‎(CD, Album, Dig) LW 2050 1994
Orange Wedge Orange Wedge ‎(2xLP, Comp, Num, Yel) LW 3051/52 1998
Oho Ecce ‎(CD, Album) LW 3053 EXP 1998
Human Instinct* Pins In It ‎(CD, Album, RE, Unofficial) LW 4056 RP7 1998
I Drive I Drive ‎(CD, Album, RE) LW 2061 RP12 1998
Ainigma Diluvium ‎(CD, Album, RE) LW 1062 RP13 1998


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!PoRQCCwD!BE4eBE2JF8W-wxQ54oS9RbQeNp63AMMVKM7WXenEYN4


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