The Dukes - The Dukes (1969 germany, amazing beat/garage/psychedelic rock) Flac

A short history of the beatband "The Dukes" 1964:

The Dukes started in a local school in Stemel, as early as 14 yeras old, amplified by two old stereos.

They managed to play four chords and covered 30 Beatles, Stones and Tremeloes tunes. Dieter Keunke, the class bully was designated their manager.

Soon they talked about releasing a record. When the Star Club Dortmund invited them for a session they recorded the two self written and produced songs "The Rider" and "Play A Foll".They were proud to open for the German Top Band "The Lords". The Dukes whre so hot that the audience"boohed" The Lords of the stage afterwards. Story has it that The Lords in fact were simply bad musicuians. Not so Achim Reichel being a wild, crazy and funny guy on and off stage.

Alcora Records aproched them and they released their first "real" record with a company. The 7" was called: "The Dentist" and "That's My Life". 

Recorded in Studio Walldorf, The Dukes faced a challenge. The sound enginer Wintermeyer was used to recording German Schlager and just couldn't do the hard beat sound of The Dukes justice.. Whole fuzz and sleadgehammer sections were mixed away, very much to the dismay of the band.


  1. Flac > Eac: .cue+log+scans!Igo3AKjJ!4Q2NI1GDWO48C1JpVjNd78mepQFu7GKhXlYN1WuBHNo

  2. Thanks Nel for another rarity from Gremany.Very interesting discovery.Cheers

  3. Interesting story. Thank you for this post!


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