Man From Missouri - BWanger TaTalingus Debase - 1990 - US - Alternative Rock, Experimental, Indie Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Nate Starkman & Son Greece - NSG 005


A1 Hygiene
A2 Labor Day
A4 BWanger TaTalinqus Debase
A5 Epitaph
B1 Cover Tailor
B2 EAT My Iron
B3 American Dogs
B4 Accident

An album that at the time of its realization I had underestimated, because I had a lot of music for the hands, instead I must say that it is very beautiful, there are some songs like Epitaph that alone are worth an album.

Try it!

rawkin' dog


  1. Dear Rawkin'dog, many thanks for your post, but the link refers to another vinyl

  2. Sorry, this is the correct link:!noJXRYoT!obM3EWgBd_Fo7giwH3ck_n1sBuu8lbARFKZ4iN6Sxsk


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