Tommyknockers - Caught Dead Inside - 1990 - US - Garage Rock - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Unique - UNR 33002.8


A1 The Tommyknocker Man
A2 About You
A3 Why Can't You See
A4 Faceless
B1 Will You Wait
B2 The Way It Works
B3 Blink Of An Eye

Tommyknockers are one of the bands of the brilliant Rich Coffee, also guitarist of The Gizmos (which unfortunately I never had the pleasure of listening), The Unclaimed, Yard Trauma, Thee Fourgiven, Alter Egos, The Excessories, all bands dedicated to garage rock with an eye more and more turned to an increasingly harder sound, without ever leading to hard rock.

The debut of Tommyknockers was this mini album, released only in vinyl in 1990, composed of 7 songs, all unmissable for any garage sound lover.

Dedicated to Il Trota and his little friend!


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