Krokodil - Getting Up For The Morning (1972 swiss, amazing psychedelic progressive rock) Flac

 Swiss band Krokodil released a bit of a classic with their 1971 album `An Invisible World Revealed', an addictive mix of swampy bluesy acid rockers with heavy psych flavours and plentiful Mellotron (prog listeners should instantly track down the CD reissue of that album, which adds two lengthy jams that just make an already terrific album even better - it's butter, baby, it's HOT!). 

Most of their other four albums never quite delivered the same excellence, but the follow-up to `...Invisible', 1972's `Getting Up For The Morning' comes damn close. As expected of the band, there's a ton of bluesy jams, fragile ballads and acid-rock fire, but the second side of the LP brings some subtle Krautrock elements mixed in, and overall there's a very upbeat quality to the music that is truly infectious and a joy to listen to.


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