Bruce Joyner And The Plantations - Way Down South - 1983 - US - New Wave, Garage Rock, Rock & Roll - vinyl - 16-48 - flac - Closer Records - CL 0005

A1 Winds Of Change
A2 I Believe
A3 Waste Lands
A4 On The Other Side Of The Tracks
A5 Restless Society
A6 Liars
A7 Dream Lovers
B1 Feel The Rhythm
B2 Out On A Limb
B3 It's Cold At Home
B4 Until You Cross The Line
B5 Down In The Boondocks
B6 It Took Only Me
B7 It Takes A Woman

For me this is his masterpiece but, in over 35 years of career since his debut with The Stroke Band at the last work (I think) The Devil Is Beating His Wife, of 2013, like Bruce Joyner & The Atomic Cocks, he never has wrong one shot and would have taken a place in the rock Olympus in place of many celebrated buffoons ...

14 magnificent songs, really not to be missed!

rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!f9ZC2KLJ!-gUCoNcSpowW0_M2Jw0ti1jk-ra9v3zV9Nf_cB8O5Es

  2. Thanks a lot! I was the one who asked you to post this one. I had it on tape (when I was young and had little money, a bunch of friends and I used to buy some records each and tape recording them to the others) but it was literally eaten by a bloody tape recorder some twenty years ago. You really are a lifesaver!


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