The Chesterfield Kings - Here Are The Chesterfield Kings - 1982 - US - Garage Rock - vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac - Mirror Records Inc. - MIRROR 9


A1 The Hustler 2:06
Written-By – Gerry Roslie
A2 You Better Look Now 2:07
Written-By – Bob Radell, Jim Perotti, Mike Spriggs
A3 Outside Chance 2:42
Written-By – Glenn Crocker (2), Stephen Lyme
A4 I Told Those Little White Lies 2:42
Written-By – Robert Rowden, William Hay
A5 Won't Come Back 2:28
Written-By – Chris Geriniottis, Rex Gregory (2)
A6 I'm Going Home 2:32
Written-By – Dan Klawon
A7 Expo 2000 2:25
Written-By – Richard Podolor
B1 No Way Out 2:11
Written-By – Ed Cobb
B2 Come With Me 2:00
Written-By – Frank Sutton (3), Jerry Atchley
B3 Fluctuation 4:01
Written-By – Frank James (3), Jimmy Lee (10), Rick Cheatham
B4 Satisfaction Guaranteed 2:02
Written-By – Rick Keefer
B5 99th Floor 2:15
Written-By – Billy Gibbons
B6 Time To Kill 1:53
Written-By – James Hockstaff
B7 60 Second Swinger 2:16
Written-By – Aleck Janoulis

Track A1 originally performed by The Sonics - 1965
Track A2 originally performed by The Rogues - 1966
Track A3 originally performed by The Turtles - 1966 (Lyme AKA Warren Zevon)
Track A4 originally performed by The Painted Ship - 1967
Track A5 originally performed by Zakary Thaks - 1967
Track A6 originally performed by The Choir - 1966
Track A7 originally performed by The Chocolate Watchband - 1967
Track B1 originally performed by The Chocolate Watchband - 1967
Track B2 originally performed by The Exotics (2) - 1966
Track B3 originally performed by The Shades Of Night - 1967
Track B4 originally performed by The Mourning Reign - 1966
Track B5 originally performed by The Moving Sidewalks - 1967
Track B6 originally performed by Harbinger Complex - 1967
Track B7 originally performed by Little Phil & The Night Shadows - 1967

The first 3 albums of The Chesterfield Kings are three absolute masterpieces, only released on vinyl, which should not be missing, along with the compilation Night Of The Living Eyes (also published in CD format), in every discography of every rock music fan.

When, about 35 years ago, I met this real manual of the sixties garage, on 14 songs not even half of the titles were known to the rock audience, while the others were a mystery that made the archivists crazy, like the rawkin 'dog.

On Discogs, which is a very complete archive but where, obviously in such a gigantic database, there was a wrong title and inaccuracies about the authors of the original songs, so after the tracklist I added the original interpreters with the relative year of first publication.

Enjoy and comment!

rawkin' dog


  1. my own vinyl rip - 16-48 - flac!Lp4xxIBQ!odnSLpxCwfincF_UYnDpGKVcKlxcOce3p4S1T-9CmPw

    1. Great album, many thanks.

    2. Thank you rawkin' dog for this great rip, please more Chesterfield Kings' vinyl.

  2. Awesome!!!
    Great job rawkin' dog!
    Thanks a lot!


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